5 thoughts on “Jim MacDonald Talks About The Death Of His Daughter Katanna – CBC News

  1. this is a very sad Storey and it is very heart breaking.its so sad to see the amount of kids hooked on drugs today there is way to many i live in Middleton and i bet 80% of the population of children today are hooked on prescription drugs there needs to be more control and not given out so easy doctors are to quick to write out scripts for pain meds people fill them then sell them to kids and that is a very big problem here.. i know that she was a very well liked girl and it is very heart breaking and we all send our prayers to the family..RIP little angel.

  2. So sad to see alot of our kids dying at such an early age. A very dear young friend of mine was one of these kids.her name was Katanna Macdonald, I miss her dearly and alot of other people do also.It’s hard to believe she is gone. I keep waiting for her to walk in the store to just say hi whats up! Love her and miss her alot.R.I.P. my sweet angel.

  3. My heart goes out to this man. My mom overdosed on prescription drugs, and both of my sisters are addicts. When will this epidemic ever end? IT MUST STOP!!!! Too many lives lost due to the Rx epidemic!

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