Directors & Consultants

Board of Directors 

Amy Graves – President –

Rob Mulloy – Vice President –

Trine Lise Good – Treasurer / Secretary –

Geraldine Scott – Director

Ellen Keagan – Director
Board of Consultants

  • Enforcement

James Moody, Cst. Det. Drug Enforcement

Robert Mulloy, Retired RCMP –

  • Medical

Mike Laffin, Phc


3 thoughts on “Directors & Consultants

  1. Amy ..please contact me. I did a cbc interview about a yr ago on addiction and doctor’s overprescribing. U can google it. Sept 8 was the two yr anniversary since the loss of my son Brandon due to accidental pres overdose. I need to do something. Brandon was the boy I told u about who struggled with anxiety and a deadly eating disorder when he was only 13. His story was in reader’s digest. in June 2000.In the Chilliwack B.C Progress and the Province Paper many yrs ago. we ended up in England for a13 months..he jumped from that addiction to obsessive weight lifting then onto presc drug abuse We had fought for 20 yrs to save his life.. I want to do something. I have to I would be willing to go on radio or tv… He was able to go from walk in clinic to walk in clinic in B.C and get pres after prescription. in hight amounts! DOCTOR’S NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE I will not rest until I can make some change.
    would like to hear back from u. we spoke once via email some time ago.

  2. I am a 25 year old female and was on opiates for ten years of my life . Went from prescriptions to heroin to fentanyl. Methadone saved my life 100% that being said it wasn’t that easy to get on . The waiting period to see a dr is what really gets you . As an addict waiting 3-7 days can mean life or death . I am thankful for my year of sobriety methadone had brought me and I want to support my community and the people who are struggling with what I went through. I have lost best friends and girlfriends . I got out alive and will forever be thankful for this

  3. I haven’t seen GPDOTS on Facebook or in the news for about a year. You have done such great work getting doctors in NS to limit their opiod prescribing . Also the doctors themselves are monitoring who is prescribing the most and questioning if it is justified.
    Are you still an active organization?

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