5 thoughts on “Personal Stories

  1. i am a survivor of perscription drugs it has effected my walking talking my movements i’m here to stop it now

  2. I have hep c for 30 years, my prescription for pain killer for 15 years is 24 ml hydromorphone pills and 240 ml per month hydromorphone liquide prn. Even with all those the pain is not control. I wish they will something stronger to kill the pain.

  3. My son Brandon Werry died on Sept 8th 2013 of accidental pres overdose. He was 29 yrs of age and suffered for yrs with anxiety..obsessive compulsive..and a previous severe eating disorder at the age of only 11. He spent 3 yrs in 4 different hospitals from the age of 11 to 15 . His dad and I have fought for almost 20 yrs to lose him to this. I will be on CBC discussing prescription drug abuse and the issue of some doctor
    s overprescribing..and it will air on Sept 10th at 8:15pm eastern standard time) A week long series in in progress on CBC “On the Coast till this Friday. Here is the link to the site if anyone would like to hear “Brandon’s Story”http://www.cbc.ca/onthecoast/…go to the top right hand side and click “Listen Live” if u are unable to catch it at the predetermined time you can click “Past stories” and listen to it the following day..as well as all the other segments of the program.
    Marie Reynen

  4. “All it takes is one voice and the determination to conquer”. Quoted by a Childhood Cancer patient.
    Keep fighting Amy, many children will be saved from your efforts. . God Bless

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