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Letter To Gary Ramey About RX Drug Abuse, MLA For Bridgewater Nova Scotia

From: Amy Graves [mailto:amygraves@mail.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 10:15 AM
To: gary.ramey.mla@eastlink.ca
Subject: RX Drug Abuse In Bridgewater , What Action Are You Taking MLA Ramey?

Dear Mr. Ramey ,

It has come to my attention that there has been a recent prescription drug related death in your community of Bridgewater Nova Scotia. Brandon Wentzell passed away on February 6th 2012 due to ingesting a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs. Brandon was only 19 years old.


His mother Cheryl Veinotte called me 5 weeks after his death frustrated with how her sons death is being investigated and wondering what measures are being put in place in her community to prevent other mothers from losing their children the same tragic way. I am sure Brandon is not the only life we have lost in Bridgewater due to prescription drug abuse. I am glad Cheryl is speaking out about her loss to help save other lives . What are you going to do Mr. Ramey to try and prevent others in the community of Bridgewater from experiencing this same tragedy?

Sincerely ,

Amy Graves
Get Prescription Drugs Off The Street

3 thoughts on “Letter To Gary Ramey About RX Drug Abuse, MLA For Bridgewater Nova Scotia

  1. If anyone questions whether or not this is a serious issue in Bridgewater, attend one of the weekly parent’s support group meeting at Addiction Services. You will meet many parents facing the same dilemma: how to help our children who have become addicts from the pain medications the doctors in this town are dispensing to “criminals” – the people selling their prescriptions.

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