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Another Young Nova Scotian Life Lost Too Soon – A Mother’s Cry For Action

Amy ,

This story is a twisted story and kind of hard to tell as it has two different avenues.  I only hope you have some time to read this.  I will start with a girl.  Her name is Clarissa Chiastakoff.  Brandon was a very particular guy and wanted the perfect girlfriend.  He wanted to date someone from not his town as he thought the girls here were not “good enough” for him.  He was wrong as there are nice girls in this town but he seen some of the ones around here that were not “nice”.  He wanted a “nice” girl that he could bring home to his mother and to meet other family members  and to be proud of her.  He thought he found one on Plenty Of Fish.  She was very “super model” looking and was studying to be a Radiologist and was working at a hospital for sick, orphan children in Columbia.  How “Mother Teresa” like!  She was also 21 and he liked the older girls as he thought they were not so childish.

Brandon was very mature in thought and he wanted to be on the same page as his girlfriend.  She told him that her mother had breast cancer and was a nurse at the QE2 and her father was a professor at Dal.  She had a brother who was the same age as him and she had three other younger siblings.  She also had an ex-boyfriend who abused her and Brandon felt so bad for her.  Her ex-boyfriend used to message Brandon on FB and actually fight with him online.  He wanted to meet him and beat the crap out of him.  He was supposed to meet her when she got home from Columbia to Tantallon.  She cancelled on him as she said that her family went to Cape Breton for Christmas as he may be her mother’s last Christmas with her family.  She, on several occasions told him that they were going to meet, she was coming to get him or Kyle (her brother, who he also spoke to on FB) was going to come and get him to surprise her.  Brandon was really in love with her and every time she cancelled on him, he was devastated and disappointed to the point where they would break up.  Blair my boyfriend (whom Brandon dearly loved), told him to forget about her.

She would talk to Brandon on the phone constantly to the point where it was disturbing his sleep and he would not make it to school the next day.  They talked every day on the phone for hours on end.  She spoke to me and other family members.  She added all of us on Facebook as well.  On Feb 5th (Superbowl Sunday), she was again supposed to come here to meet him.  He was so excited, he cleaned his room!!!  He was going to meet her family too.  One more time she called it off again and put it off till Tuesday.  Brandon was so upset and Blair and I knew.  Blair was going to my sister’s place for a Superbowl party with the guys.  Brandon wanted to do Superbowl to but at Boston Pizza but could not get the guys together.  Blair invited him to come with him but Brandon declined as he said it would be a “sausage fest” and that there would be no girls.

He got a quart of vodka for that night and he did share it out with three other guys next door to me.  By this time Blair and I left and I went to my parents for a bit.  Brandon at some point went to his friend Erica’s apt to visit with her and her little boy (he loved children).  He called a taxi to come and get him, at this point he had already had a few drinks but was not drunk at all, and he met up with someone in Erica’s parking lot after he got out of the cab.  That is the point where he got the pills.  He texted Clarissa and said he took two 4 mgs and two 6 mgs.  He did snort them as I found a $50 bill in his pocket later on rolled up.  I called him at 12:30 AM and told him  that the brakes on Blair’s car went and that Grampy would pick him up in the morning after he dropped me off at work.  He was worried about not getting to school as it was a new semester.  I told him good night and that I loved him.  I never knew that was going to be my last conversation with him.

The police showed up at my apartment shortly before 7:30 AM to tell me the horrible news of what happened to him.  They knew Brandon as a person and it had to be just as hard to tell me too as this is a small town.  We all know each other.  Before I knew it, my entire family was here, grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts.  I was asked to go identify Brandon but I was glad I got to see him one last time.  As hard as it was, I was glad I was the one who did it.  I got to hold his hand and kiss him goodbye.  It is so hard to see through my tears at this point.  I keep correcting my spelling mistakes.

Here is where it gets worse.  Clarissa was not real.  There is a Clarissa but not the same person that we all talked to.  The person that we all were talking to is an 18 year old, chubby girl who lives in Port Mouton, Liverpool area.  The morning of his death, I called Clarissa and told her that Brandon had died.  Before I knew it, the girl’s mother was texting me and telling me that her daughter committed suicide and that she had taken a bunch of pills and that her son was giving her CPR.  The police were here with me when I got the text and then they realized that the whole thing was a hoax as no mother would be texting as her daughter was dying.

The police found out that her name is Jessica Boudreau and all of the people she told us about were all pretend, the mother, father, siblings and ex-boyfriend.  The “mother’ (whose name was Julie), continued to text me all morning of Feb 6th, the evening of Feb 6th and the next day as well.  She was telling me that she wants to come and see me and talk about our darling angels and wanted to know if she could bring her husband with her.  Again, all lies and I didn’t know where she was going with this but only to cause me mental anguish and more pain and suffering.  All  of this was reported to the police and she is only being charged with Public Mischief as it sent the police on a wild goose chase to see if someone was actually killing themselves in the Tantallon area.  There is also no charges being laid on the person who gave him the pills.  This has to be addressed and soon!!  I really need your help and assistance with this matter.

Brandon was a caring, loving and giving person who always tried to see the good in people.  He loved babies and small children, puppies and kittens.  He loved his mother unconditionally and told his friends that.  He was never embarrassed to kiss me and tell me that he loved me in front of any of his friends.  He always had his friends here to visit and many of them at once sometimes and always introduced them all to me.  Many of them I got to be quite close to and some of them remain very close to me and visit with me often.  I feel as some of them are my kids too.  I know that sometimes that they don’t make the best decisions but they are only trying out life and we all make mistakes along the way.  I was young once and remember what it was like to be a teen too.  I understand them and they know it and they have a lot of respect for me as I do them.  Brandon had around 450 people at his service as he was loved by so many and there was not a dry eye in the house.  We had his service at the Michelin Social Club so they all could be a part of that sad day to pay their last respect to him and to see me.  I was never hugged by so many teenagers in all my life and Brandon loved to hug so much too.  I could go on so much about him but I think you get the picture.  I love and miss him so very much and this is so hard for me to tell.  There will never be a day that I won’t think about him or talk about him.  He should still be here.  Blair cries too but he has only known him since about Oct 21st.  They have grown so close and they had plans to do so much this summer.

Take Care


45 thoughts on “Another Young Nova Scotian Life Lost Too Soon – A Mother’s Cry For Action

  1. I made this video in Brandons memeory and I will never have any kind of closure until certain individuals are brought to justice – Reg

    1. Thank you Reg for this video,it made me smile to see him happy even though I cry that hes gone.My son and Brandon were good friends.I got to know him a few months ago.When I was around him he was just a kid ,joking and laughing.I will always remember that laugh.Since hes passed my son and I have talked a lot about drugs and I hope this tragedy might open communication for other parents too.I will never forget Brandon ,my heart goes out to all of your family –Kathy

    2. It’s Colombia not Columbia. Sorry not trying to be a spelling freak but as a Colombian this is kind of a pet peeve for us.

  2. Cheryl.. I just read your story .. and I am so sorry for your loss. So Sad.

    I hope it is ok with you that I am sharing this and your vid with everyone I know .. in the hopes that it might help even 1 person.

    Thank you so much .. and again .. my heart goes to you .. so sad

    Linda A
    Summerside, PEI

  3. Breaks my heart when I read about another child being taken away from his family because of prescription drugs. And those who sell these drugs should be charged, not just let go to continue selling and take another life. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  4. So Sad Sorry about your loss .The Story Just breaks my heart .My family’s heart goes out to you and your family 😦

    1. so sorry to hear this. There seems to be a lot of this going on in the liverpool area, of people pretending to be some one else, making their life a miserable hell. I know someone that this, is still continuing on with, after a year and a half, not the same situation, but with bullying, to the point this person wanted and tried to take their own life, but no help from the authorities, as they dont have time for it. parents denying that their kids would do something like this, and taking up for them. its so very sad. so sad to believe that this could happen. sorry for your loss

    1. How do you “FAIL” to see how there related ? This immature girl Jessica Boudreau thought it would make her feel good about herself to make a fake girl (someone who she could never measure up to) and mess with Brandons head and make him fall inlove with “Clarissa”. Which in the end after months of her not showing up after planning mulitipul times to, he was heart broken by this girl. You must not no whats its like to be inlove with someone and them hurt you. He was hurt and wanted to numb the pain that night not forever but just that night. And its a sin that he needed to feel like that because of Jessica Boudreau! If she wouldnt have done this to him and made him feel hurt, HE WOULD STILL BE WITH US.! How does this waste of space seem to think she had nothing to do with it.! Some people!

    2. I guess you’re either an idiot or are friends with the disgusting human being who pushed this poor boy to overdose because she pretended to be someone else. She should have been held responsible for what she did. I found her on Facebook! It took everything in my body not the message her and cuss her out! She is living her life while a mother has lost a child! She is probably still doing it!

  5. To Jerry
    You have no idea what my life is like now until you have walked a day in my shoes and I dare anyone to do it. It is not an easy walk and nor do I have an easy life. I talked with this Jessica for months and even the day of my son’s death and she continued to lie to me that morning, night and next night in text messages and you have no idea. If you knew 100% of what was going on, you would know the truth, until you do know, you have no comment to say it is slanderous. I only hope this girl feels some sort of pain and remorse as she deserves so much worse. She may not have been 100% cause of my son’s death but she did play a huge role and for that, she should be punished as I feel I am being punished for something I didn’t do every single waking day!! Just sayin!!

  6. It is slander to mention the girls weight and totally irrelevant to anything, I am very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine how you feel, however I feel they are two separate issues, and to combine the two takes the focus off the main issue.. which I feel is the total and complete lack of control over the recreational use of prescription drugs. What this girl did was very thoughtless and hurtful, but as we live more and more in the digital world of social networking we have to be ever vigilant in ensuring we know who it is we are dealing with.. be it relationships or simply purchasing products from others. I understand your anger,and I’m not justifying her actions in any way.. but lets scapegoat but try and find better solutions to the real issues.

    1. Dear Jerry: Regardless of the fact that slander is verbal and libel is written (as is the case here) you are incorrect in your assumption that Cheryl’s words constitute either. Defamation is only defamation if the information presented about the individual in question is false. Based on photographic evidence I can assure you that Jessica is ‘chubby’. Is this fact particularly relevant? Perhaps not, but neither is it slander.

  7. we are trying to find solutions to other issues but I was telling Brandon’s story about his “perfect” idea of a girlfriend who turned out the opposite and I know he would have been so embarrassed to know. That part I do feel so sorry for him. I just hate lies and deceit, especially when it is so hurtful to cause death, especially to my only child.

  8. so sorry for your loss i will pray for you and your family this shouldnt of happened at all and the only one who pays for this is brandon we need to get these drugs off the streets

  9. An email that was just sent to me because of Brandon’s article in the paper:

    Hi Cheryl
    Just wanted to let you know that my heart is with you. My kids were so upset when they heard about what happened. Apparently they both knew him well…Isn’t it funny how life repeats it’s self…I didn’t connect the dots until I saw the picture in the Herald this morning and saw you, because of Chris’ last name. I understand what your going through because I’ve been going through this with my own daughter. you being so verbal is an incredible outreach, the last time she overdosed on the same thing I begged the police to help me and told them where she was and they said because of her age they couldn’t help me. before the am I was getting a call that they had to put her on a ventillater she couldn;t breath on her own…that was her 3rd od on RX drugs and Meth and oxy and whatever…Somebody has to do something about these Rx medications that these kids are getting… Again my heart is with you…
    Love Jackie


  10. I am truly sorry to hear this story. It’s breaking my heart as I continue reading it. Having lived in Liverpool most of my life, some people truly are heartless and cold. I, and a lot of other people around here are not at all bad people. It’s sad that one person has to ruin the town by doing something as sick as this. I am sorry about the loss of your son. And keep fighting for justice against the drug dealer and Jessica who obviously ruined your chance to grieve in the right and honest way.

  11. I can’t believe what I’ve been reading, I can’t believe it, I know there has been other situation in Liverpool with drugs too,that the parents told the cops about kids getting drugs and where they got it from, and when cops didn’t do nothing they took matters in there own hands and now on house arrest i think but the guy selling is out driving around still selling. Its enough something has to be done before way to many parents lose their kids, i fit was an animal everyone would be trying to fix the situation but when it comes to kids let them run, let the trash sell drugs, etc. I feel the laws should be changed and tougher laws for this stuff, pills and meth etc is deadly and young ones think its a joke, but its not ,their is young ones here that almost died and think oh i need to apologize to the seller cause he sold the drugs its sick,.
    and yes i think something should be down with the girl who lied for so long ,she needs counseling for one ,its not nice to hurt others and this world is all about that now there is no morals ,respect ,trust look at tv there is shows on about lieing , and cheating and other stuff lots needs changing bring back the rules ,trust,, discipline, respect everything needs changing maybe then this kind of stuff might not happen so often, care about one another not hate, .lie,dishonest.oh my ,my heart goes out to the family, I have 2 girls growing up in this crazy world plus other young family members, its so scary, no one wants to mess with my girls.

  12. Hello Cheryl: I am a mother of two grown children and have three grand daughters that are my life ! I cant say I know how you feel, and hope I never need to feel the pain you endure. I watched the videos and was deeply saddened by your story. Brandon was such a handsome young man, and the fact thaty he kissed you in front of his friends tells me that he was a kind loving son that you must have raised with much love. I like you, feel that if this young man was not dragged through such lies he probably would still be with you. I hope the people responsible realize the damage and pain they have caused, All you can do is cherish your memories and ask for Almighty God to help you through this difficult time. I know we have never met but your mom and my mom were first cousins so we are related……Sending you Love and Hugs…..No one can take your memories !!
    Betty-Jean Chamberlain XO
    Praying for peace !!!

  13. My heart breaks reading the story….but for everyone involved…
    Firstly for Brandon who thought he needed to be with perfection and that the only way he could deal with his problems was through drug use.
    For you his mother for losing a child.
    For the young girl who didn’t love herself as she was so she made a new “her” who would be loved.
    For our society that in turn supports all of this.

    I grew up on the south shore of NS, and in turn spent over 30 years trying to be something I wasn’t. All because I needed to fit in and be accepted. Perhaps if we raised our children to be strong and to believe in themselves for the beautiful people they are. This wouldn’t happen. And perhaps if we also showed them coping mechanisms we wouldn’t lose another person to drugs.

    Just saying… Oh ans ps… Shall we not spend ,ore time building up the people we have left on earth as a tribute to those who we’ve lost rather then tear them down, broken people do hurtful things!

  14. I’m so sorry for your loss, as I cannot imagine what you must be going through. I can’t help but notice though, alcohol clearly played a significant role here as well as prescription drugs, but it gets no mention at all. Alcohol tends to amplify the effects of other drugs; making overdose dangerously easy and can be relatively easy to overdose on by itself as well. Why aren’t we organizing anti-alcohol campaigns too? Just because it’s been legal all this time doesn’t mean it still should be. Sure it can be fun, but more often than not it brings out the worst in people, and that justification (that it’s fun) by itself isn’t suffice to keep it legal because I’m sure it could be argued for every type of inebriating substance known to man, but they’re still illegal.. And more than one person I know has died or come close to from alcohol poisoning. I feel this is an issue that isn’t addressed enough, and that simple age-restrictions just don’t cut it. I don’t know about everyone else, but the lives of my family and friends are worth more to me than government tax revenue on alcohol sales.
    But anyway I apologize for the length of my post. I really hope you and your family stay strong and positive.

  15. The two are related. This young boy fell in love with someone who was not real, lied and continued to play with his feelings.

    He went out that night wanting to forget for a while and sadly…didn’t realize what he was doing.

    I think it’s valid to point out the girl was chubby. She lied to him about so much and in reality she was a big girl who couldn’t be herself because she was ashamed of herself. She led him on and continued to do so….what makes her all the more disgusting, is that even after Brandon died, she started messing with his family.

    I tried finding her on fb to tell her what a rotten and horrible person she is….but I believe that after we all die, we get to see the people we hurt in life. When this girl meets her maker, she’s in for one rude awaking.

    I’m a mom of three boys…my oldest being my 16 year old brother and I can tell you that boys at this age are just as vulnerable as girls.

    My heart goes out to Brandon’s family and friends.

    1. I found her on Facebook!! I understand cause it took everything for me not to message and tell she is a disgusting human being! Her pictures looked like she was well aware of herself so I don’t understand why she had to fake being someone else and mess with someone’s emotions so much to cause him to overdose. He made his choices but she was the cause of it! And she should have been held accountable

  16. It’s never always amazed me how individuals can read an article like this and look for flaws in the story, and to avert attention from all parties responsible, whether it be the dealer or the “girl ” in question. There are many factors to weigh here, all of which are related and very relevant to the tragic outcome. Although Brandon is my family member, I’ve always tried to play the devils advocate and take an unbiased look at this whole sordid situation. Was Brandon responsible for his own actions? Yes, of course he was. I’ve talked with him personally about the dangers of drug use and made sure he knew the repercussions. Is the individual who supplied him the dilaudid responsible? Yes, dealers are low lifes who have a complete disregard for human life and know full well what the repercussions of thir activities are. Was Jessica (Clarissa) responsible for Brandons fate? I don’t see how she couldn’t accept responsibility. To manipulate someone on such a personal and psychological level can affect people on many levels as we are all products of our environment and surroundings. As a former soldier, I have dealt with post traumatic stress disorder and at time in the past, my behaviour wasn’t what you could consider normal by far. Although I chose to react to certain situations in the manner that I did, there is always the cause and effect that is behind all of this. I know for a fact that I would be a different person today if it weren’t for those traumatic experiences. I can recognize this now, although at the time, I could not. I’m sure this was the case with Brandon as we could see the sadness and disappointment that he felt every time this young lady avoided meeting him, building up his hopes and then pulling the carpet out from underneath him, repeatedly!
    Some people seem to think that pointing out her weight is not relevant either, but of course it is. It’s one of the many lies that were fed to Brandon, in addition to the lies about her location, age, place of employment, etc. Pointing all these factors out is to merely paint a better picture of the whole situation. Of course, for some reason nobody says,”Why is it relevant to say that she lives in Lockport?”. Mentioning her weight is, in no way a scheme to humliate this young lady but just one of the many lies that was relayed to Brandon.
    Unless people have experienced trauma in their own lives, whether it is on a relationship level, losing your only child, or anything for that matter, I would ask that people please think before they speak. Don’t try to downplay the tragedy and PLEASE remember that there are still friends and family members that are trying to cope with the loss.

    1. Amen Derek, I absolutely agree with you!! I just watched this story on “Web of Lies” on the ID channel and I am in such disbelief at the absolute evil, rotten actions this over-weight disgusting so-called human being did. Maybe she wouldn’t have been so overweight if she had spent some of her time and extensive efforts used for this on-going elaborate hoax to exercise instead of annihilating someone’s entire world!! It wasn’t bad enough that she pushed Brandon over the edge, but to continue preying on his mother afterwards shows that she has no soul or one inkling of human remorse or compassion what so ever! And as for “Jerry’s” comment stating that by mentioning Jessica’s weight is taking the focus of the main issue – which he feels is: the lack of total control of recreational use of prescription drugs…. So what are you saying Jerry? Is it because more than likely you must enjoy recreational use of prescription drugs and condone it and that’s what makes it the “main issue” at hand? Do remember what it was like at age 19? Apparently not! And also: To Jerry and others alike, I hope this does humiliate the hell out of her!! She’s a sick, twisted, mean, evil individual that should be serving a life sentance in prison!! Instead, this bitch is now living her happily ever fat-ass life that she doesn’t deserve, unlike Brandon! I don’t think there’s enough mental therapy in world that could fix a soulless evil individual as Jessica! My heart goes out to your Cheryl. I’m soooo sorry for your loss. It just sickens me to know that Brandon’s heart was so broken “in vein”. I only hope karma strikes EVERYONE who had a role in his death!

  17. I am so sorry for your loss I can’t even imagine what it is like to lose a child.
    As I read your story in the Chronicle Herald yesterday my stomach turned and my heart sank.
    My son went through a similar situation 4 months ago, the names are changed but the game was the same. I’m not sure if it is the same person or not or if there is actually a group of girls out there doing the same thing.
    I still have emails from her “mother” on facebook and when I called her out saying I knew this was all B.S. she deleted her fb account but yesterday when I went to look for the messages there was a different name attached to the messages. It’s a very confusing, decietful web of lies and I do understand what your son was going through.
    Please feel free to contact me if you like, if there is any information I can give you to help with your
    case if indeed it is the same girl.

    1. Hey, this is really good information Tammy. I cant say for sure if this is the same person responsible or not, but if it is, I’m sure Cheryl will take note of it. Although this won’t help anything with regrads to the levels of Rx drugs on the streets, it is still very much part of Brandon’s story. As a family, we only want justice. Sadly, Brandon has paid the ultimate price for his actions…now the other contibuting parties to his demise need to be held accountable as well.

      1. Originally she used Cassidee Gagnon and her mother’s lastname was Gonzales now the mothers name that appears linked to the messages is Felicetty Hunter and Cassidee’s name is now Summer Whitehouse. There was a Jessica girl tangled up in all of this when this happened to my son who was supposedly Cassidee’s bestfriend.

  18. Not that I in anyway condone what Jessica did it was down right wrong. The fact is in life we all make choices. At the time of Brandon’s death he only knew that this girl avoided meeting him he wasn’t even aware that she didn’t even exist and that he was being deceived. I have no doubt that the sadness and disappointment that he felt was very real but it was his choice to deal with it by drinking and doing drugs. I’ve had my heart broken and people are deceived way to frequently these days but again it comes down to choices at as I am not much older then Brandon, we learn about this stuff in school but its a lack of coping skills. Yes it would be great if drug dealers didn’t exist, people didn’t lie, deceive or cheat but when it comes down to it you can only pray your child makes the right decision. Cheryl I am truly sorry about the loss of your son, a mother should never have to bury their child and what Jessica did is truly horrible, hope that your story brings awareness about prescription drug and alcohol abuse. I do believe that this girl is being punished both criminally, morally and being from a small town, socially, is it equal to a life no but it is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life and on some counts that could be worse.

  19. Hi Cheryl.
    I’m so saddened by your loss. I actually had a fake “friendship” with Clarissa as well. She lied to me with the exact same lies she told your son. I don’t blame him for believing her as she was very convincing. I didn’t talk to her “brother”, but her “best friend” and I did have conversations on the phone. I’m really thankful that she didn’t affect me the way that she did with your son, but I’m deeply sorry that her lies had to have the outcome that it did. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I hope the girl gets what she deserves.

    1. Hi jptam09,
      Did she send you any pics of herself and if she did, what did she look like. Do you still have the pics. I would really love for you to shoot me an email or add me to facebook. Look for Cheryl Jones and it will be a pic of Brandon and not me for my profile pic. Add me so we can have a chat and I can find out more info. Thanks so much!!

    2. Hi jptam09
      Did she send you any pics of herself and if she did, what did she look like. You can add me on FB so we can talk more about this. Look for Cheryl Jones, you will not see a pic of me but pics of Brandon. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Thanks xo

  20. It breaks my heart to hear somebody having to go through this what was done to your son and your family was unfair and unnecessary I’ve had something similar happened to my Friend in high school many years ago. With that said I don’t believe pointing out the females weight had absolutely any purpose in your letter. I don’t think there’s any need to body shame anybody.. what she did was absolutely despicable but would you have felt the need to point out if she was skinny that was her body type.

  21. I am so saddened by your post and your loss of your son. My heart aches for you and my prayers are with you. God bless you and I pray you find some peace knowing he is in a better place watching over you. I too have a son Brandon and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Bless you and RIP Brandon.

  22. God bless you and give you strength. Good for you for getting the word out. Your beautiful son is not the first person to lose his life by taking drugs and unfortunately he will not be the last. He is also not the only person who fell for an online scam. There are plenty of sick people out there preying on nice, generous and vulnerable people. I wish you luck getting the word out and may that help heal your broken heart a bit.

  23. I am so sorry for your loss after reading this story. All the details about who “Clarissa” was like living in Tantallon, doing medical peace work in Columbia, working at QE2/IWK, loved helping children, where she lived. This is exactly what I was I was just told from a girl I met online named “Bella Engel”. Do you know where Jessica Boudreau lives now? I believe I was talking to this same person for a few months who I met on POF. We had planned to meet multiple times but she always canceled each time and had a great excuse. She scammed me out of $2800.00 for a very convincing story after talking for 2 months. I actually met an overweight girl in person in Chester, NS, but didn’t know it was her until after. I thought I was meeting her best friend “D” but it was really “Bella” who I was talking to the entire time. I do believe it could of been Jessica Boudreau when I had saw her picture on this article. She is extremely good at gaining your trust and I know she has been and continuing to do this to other men. She definitely has mental issues and needs help. We talked for hours on the phone and by texts and still can’t believe how convincing she was for 2 months. She definitely has been doing this for a while. Total professional. She has her story down to perfection. I do believe this was Jessica Boudreau but went she by the name “Bella”. I don’t care about the money I lost although it did really affect my pride and trust, It was my own fault for be so trusting and gullible. She needs to be stopped before someone else takes their life. I just need her address and I can figure out for sure it was her with everything we had talked about. Pets, family, names, pictures, etc. And her phone number still works but it will always go to a voicemail with a baby laughing.

  24. I realize this was years ago but I just happened to see it on ID. This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever seen! I am the mother of two and the grandmother of 5, 3 of which are teenagers and one which will be next year. The person committing this crime was heartless and disturbed but, like many others I do not think her weight or appearance should be brought up into this – If anything it Takes focus Away from the viciousness of the crime As many other people, I know many, many overweight people , or people who are not “gorgeous” otherwise who happen to be much more beautiful inside (and out!) – kind and all-around better people than just as many attractive people that I know Also, even though this was seven years ago, it is important for parents to note red flags as soon as possible. This young man communicated with and shared nearly every aspect of his online relationship with his family. There were red flags immediately-she was volunteering in South America and her video cam Never worked? She didn’t speak Spanish well enough to find help for her WebCam yet, somehow she was volunteering in a children’s hospital so either there were enough people there who spoke English or she knew enough Spanish to work there-yet no help for a WebCam ?? Then they were all the canceled plans at the last minute I know as parents we want to trust and we want to give our children and teenagers the right to make many of their own judgments, but please, I hope Brandon‘s family will use this heartbreaking tragedy as a way to maybe save many other children’s’ lives!! Please look for the tiniest red flags with online or other relationships-we have all had that little voice inside of us that told us to be concerned and maybe we didn’t act upon it because we wanted to show our children we trust them We have all done it but in this case there was a horrible tragedy. And if they reach out for Help! -especially if they’ve been down, depressed over a situation, have any history of drugs plus a diagnosis(ADHD…etc) please get a ride for them no matter what! Don’t ever assume it’s not that serious!! My heart aches for this family and I know I will think of them often We have all made decisions way later regret with our children Let that small voice within you be your guy even if your children get annoyed with you

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