Advocate for Action on the Opioid Crisis – Halifax Event Update 

On July 19th the Nova Scotia government released their Opioid Action Plan just days before our event. The announcement included a commitment to offering free naloxone at Nova Scotia pharmacies by September 2017 and monthly reporting of opioid overdose deaths. These developments have addressed some of our requests in our event platform and it is welcomed news. 

The report acknowledged many other responses we are advocating for but had no clear timelines or how these would be implemented. The term “exploring opportunities” was used repeatedly.

While the Nova Scotia government has made considerable progress in addressing the opioid crisis there is still a long way to go and “exploring opportunities” is far from action. 

Join us in creating awareness and advocating for action on the many facets of the opioid crisis. Bring a sign, photo of a loved one, or simply yourself to help us bring attention to this important public health issue. 

We will be located at Robie, Quinpool, Cogswell and Bell Road Intersection portion of the Halifax North Common from 11am – 12pm.

Issues we are advocating for action on but are not limited to:


Take all measures possible to educate the public on the dangers associated with opioids and how to reduce risk


Provide accessible addiction and mental health treatment including medication assisted treatment


Supervised consumption services and increased funding to harm reduction outreach organizations


Take all measures possible to prevent unnecessary opioid exposure through more cautious prescribing


Treat substance use as a public health issue instead of a moral weakness


Better regulate conflicts of interest and investigate the fraudulent marketing of opioids

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