2 thoughts on “Leah Bordage pleads guilty to trafficking in the death of Ryan Good – CBC News

  1. How does the one that left the comment above know this,,, I am Leahs Mother and I have not got the reports back yet , I see the lies continue about Leah even after she has passed, this website should be removed I know this particular story about Leah is all lies , shame on you . I have been listening to this foolishness for two years .Leah pleaded guilty because she could not afford to go to court , she had already paid so much money ,Leah was given 6 months house arrest . It all started by Good saying that the Medical Examiner said that her son died from Delaudid , the Medical Examiner said she never said ,NO SUCH THING,,, then it was Leah trafficked in Delaudid , what had happined was when Leah was getting ready for bed , in the bathroom , Ryan took one of her Delaudid and cut it in two he took half and left half of a pill for Leah ,it was her night time medication . What Ryan took before he got to Leah’s nobody knows,,, he did. Have a drug problem ,only some people would not admit it ,,you people should get your story straight before you destroy people’s lives

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