2 thoughts on “Canada urged to expand use of Naloxone – CTV National News

  1. My son Brandon died at the age of 29 from accidental prescription overdose. He was able to go from walk in clinic to walk in clinic and get prescription after prescription. I am sorry but I am outraged at a lot of these doctors who seem to have absolutely no problem with writing them out..one after another.!! Tell me that there isn’t something seriously wrong with a system..that in the 21st century does not monitor..something like this!!!!…I blame the system and inadequate help for anyone who has any type of mental illness which often is the reason why these people end up using drugs in the first place. My family went through the worst nightmare…imaginable. As a child..Brandon seemed very healthy and was a very happy boy. At the age of 8 or 9 he started developing sleeping problems…which carried on into his teen yrs and into adulthood.He also suffered from anxiety and some obsessive compulsive traits…He was a talented artist..loved sports and was good at any sport he played. He was at times overly sensitive in that he took things to heart so much. he worried about the world and cared for anyone who suffered or hurt in any way. In 1995 he started exercising compulsively every single day…ritualistic..in that it was becomeing an obsession…then he started vomiting and developed anorexia/bulemia…He was the most severe case they had every seen.in Canada. The reasons? 1) his age..so young to be so sick. 2) the fact that he was a boy..boy’s who develp eating disorders are much more difficult to treat then girls..and he fought everything they tried to do to make him stop the vomiting. He got to a point where he developed intractible vomiting..in that even if mentally he wanted to keep the food down..physically he couldn’t anymore. He spent 3 yrs in 4 different hospitals including 13 monthes in a residential treatment centre in London England. (thanks to the generous people of B.C who raised money to help send him there. We never gave up..we left our jobs ..our homes..our families to go to a strange country..not knowing if he would survive this illness..During his stay in England with the same doctor who treated Princess Diana..his condition deteriorated further. He would rip tube feeds out…and pull IV’s out of his arm…he learned every trick in the book to continue self distructing…in the end they had to perform a “jejuostomy” where they had to sew a tube into his intestine and feed him through that…(thereby by passing his stomach so that he would not get that “full” feeling and vomit…a pillowcase was put over his tube feed to help lessen his anxiety at the 4000 calories daily being pumped into his tiny body..They also drugged him heavily for months to prevent the possibliity of him trying to rip that tube out.. After 13 monthes Brandon was well enough to come back home to Canada. But shortly afterwards he started abusing prescription drugs…We fought one disease from hell only to have him turn to something else…rehabs..after rehabs..inadequate therapy..My son wanted to be better..all he wanted was to be happy…but he did not have the tools..being so sick at such a young age deeply affected him.. I feel that I fought a huge 18 yrs war..only to lose in the end. All I wanted was to FIX him. I loved my son so very much…I remember him going into a treatment centre in Vancouver…(supposedly a really good place for hm)..he came home one day with a paper in his hand that had 9 different prescriptions written on it!!!!!!!!! I was appalled.
    If anyone of you could have sat down and talked with my handsome son..you would have loved him…You would never know he mental illness. In many ways he was just the same as anyone else…he just wanted to be happy…I believe that the system failed my boy miserably…now he is gone forever…
    Natoxone may help if someone is found early enough..but it is not the answer…the answer lies in education…and in improveing our mental health system…
    Most of the “old school” doctors know that there is an epidemic of prescription drug use…and some doctors are responsible for this. IN my books..this makes them no better than a drug pusher out on the streets.
    Marie Reynen

  2. I totally understand your war with the mental health system here in Canada as I fought for it for 18 years and too lost! And you certainly nailed it…there needs to be education and accountability. I am so sorry for your tragic loss.

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