One thought on “R.X. drug deaths on the rise in N.S. – CTV News Dec 13th 2013

  1. I heard your interview with Rick Howe.

    Canadian families searching Internet for alternative health care information finding warnings, dangers, misuse for prescription drugs.

    CANADA – Partners for a Drug Free Canada

    Misuse of Prescription drugs and OTC medicine to get high has become a major source of concern both with Teens and Adults

    There’s a growing list of prescription drugs that kids loot from medicine cabinets to get high. In many cases, the medicine cabinet at home has replaced the local drug pusher as the source of teenagers’ drugs of choice.
    However number of N. American children given prescription drugs, increases each year.
    Online Article: Medicated! Society’s Dependence on Prescription Drugs

    Today, there seems to be a pill for every problem—from toenail fungus to restless legs, from trouble sleeping to lack of general happiness. When a problem appears, many people—almost as a reflex—search for a pill that will solve it as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of effort. Almost inevitably, in the short-term, an apparent solution is found and the patient feels better…

    In a technologically advanced world, why is the rate of prescription drug use constantly increasing? With all of our science and research, why can’t we solve the problems that produce the ailments—and prevent them—rather than addressing them after they occur? Why do so many people turn to chemicals that have widely known and stated risks?

    The answers lie in the fact that it is natural for human beings to put things off until they “need” to be addressed. Society at large takes on this habit of procrastination. People live their lives “putting out fires” rather than addressing why those fires are occurring.

    Parents Looking for Alternative

    N. America – parents coming from other countries wanting to improve family health – asking international relatives for information and how to find a family homoeopath. International families have used family homoeopaths for generations for preventative healthcare – homecare, minor injuries, acute problems and know when to contact their family homoeopath for recurring chronic conditions.

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