5 thoughts on “Bridgewater Demonstration Against RX Drug Trafficking – CBC News

  1. Tha problem is twofold. First is poverty and especially in elderly people who sell their meds and suffer so they can eat or pay power bills. The second is that Government keeps blaming MDs for the meds. These pills are smuggled here to NS by the thousands! It’s not Drs to blame, it’s coming into port towns that’s why this is a bigger issue in small places. However the only thing being done is to keep bitching at MDs. No one wants to put money into Coast Guard patrols or undercover cops to get smugglers.

    1. To say these drugs are not being over prescribed by our local doctors is ignorant. You should look at the annual report prescription monitoring puts our every year. The statistics say a lot. I’m sure some are smuggled in, yes. But the majority , no!! Doctors across North America are over prescribing. Even the drugs that are smuggled in from somewhere else ultimately come from the same place! The doctors and pharmacies.

    2. Oh and just because people struggle financially does not give them the right to sell their prescriptions. Would you be minimizing the action if the seinor was selling crack to supplement their pension?

  2. there has to be a market for something to create a demand for something. perhaps the problem is more in the court of the people using the drugs. eduction and common sense told me years ago to not use drugs.

    1. What came first? The supply or the market? I believe the supply. Research Purdue Pharma law suit in the United States in regards to OxyContin. Drug companies basically brain washed Doctors into believing this was the miracle drug. This is how millions of people got exposed to opiates who were not drug seekers per say. Then the tidal wave began.

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