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Prescription drugs: Battling abuse without restricting use – The Current – CBC Radio


I do not trust a word Mary Lynch has to say , as she was a co-investigator on a tramadol study in PHN with Purdue Pharma.

In this interview on the Current Mary Lynch talks about these fabulous guidelines we have that are preventing deaths. I also hate how she said opioids are a necessity in treating MODERATE to severe pain. The MODERATE is what has got us into this mess. The guidelines that she speaks of were complied by Canadian doctors. Almost half the doctors on the board paid by Purdue Pharma !!

Also the Opioid Risk tool in the national prescribing guidelines was developed by Dr Lynn Webster who has had over 20 of his patients die from overdoses and is under criminal investigation by the DEA in the US. How well is the opioid risk tool working for him??? And this is what we are using across Canada!?

2 thoughts on “Prescription drugs: Battling abuse without restricting use – The Current – CBC Radio

  1. what is really sad, the one who has the most power in all that were interviewed seems to the the most “soft” approach to the addiction side of things and little or no mention of what to do about helping the already addicted. I am a mere mom of an addict, but i know that new research is being done and successfully for a lot of pain related diseases like chrons, cancer, etc. DO YOU HEAR ABOUT IT no, because they are not selling out to big pharma….they want everyone to be able to afford it but the medical society isn’t “having it promoted to them” so they don’t know bout it. Between Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and cannibas you can cure or aid so many people and they won’t be turning out addicts. Also, to help my addict (successfully) i had to fly her from Nova Scotia to Michigan, USA and her medications were all purchased from the USA as they are not covered in Canada but are available here at 3 times the cost. ALL MY RESEARCH done because of being a mom and hopeless addict to opiods which run rampant in our town…she was addicted years ago from merely experimenting and not knowing the addiction risks. Today she is over 7 months clean 🙂

    1. where did u end up sending her? I am the mother of an addict also and finding treatment in Nova Scotia is almost impossible.

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