Demonstration at Kentville Court House March 18th 2013

This morning members of GPDOTS had a peaceful demonstration in front of Kentville Provincial Court House. We wanted to bring awareness to fact that prescription drug traffickers are continuing to get “slaps on the wrist” for trafficking a schedule 1 drug. Other schedule 1 drugs include crack , cocaine , and heroin. In this video clip from CTV W5’S Prescription For Tragedy a police officer discusses a case from Kentville Court where a man was sentenced to probation and $100 fine for trafficking a schedule 1 prescription drug. We do not feel that a cocaine trafficker would receive such a small sentence so why are prescription drug traffickers getting off so easy?


IMAG1493  IMAG1496 IMAG1497 IMAG1498 IMAG1499 IMAG1500

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