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Dilaudid took the life of my 21 year old son Ryan Good. – Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia


On Dec 10th 2012 we got that dreaded knock on the door, the one that’s very parents worst nightmare. RCMP is at our door to let us know our son has passed away. Found dead on his 42-year-old aunts couch. They proceed to tell us his aunt informed them that they were doing cocaine the night before. Around 1 in the afternoon is when she got up and found him dead. She calls 911 but never called us??

The paramedics show up and try to work on him but he was not responding so they took him to Dartmouth General. At no time did the police show up. The RCMP show up at the hospital. When we get there and I find out Ryan was at his aunts. I freaked out because I know she is a drug addict and has been for years. I tell them to go interview her because I know she is/was into dealing drugs. The RCMP asks me for her phone number which I don’t have because I don’t talk to her. I say call her parents.

We leave the hospital and go home and begin the awful task of planning a funeral.  A week or two go by and I hear nothing back from the police. I call and the officer tells me a bit about what Ryan’s aunt said in her statement. She says Ryan was using drugs. She also said he was drinking that night. We know he had a couple of beers earlier in the night with his girlfriend but that was it. His aunt told police he was drinking heavily, which he was not according to toxicology report. She also showed the police all her prescription drugs she had. And according to police she had a lot of them. The one thing though that she didn’t show them was her prescription for dilaudid.

We have friends that are nurses and EMT’s so we heard from them Ryan’s death was most likely caused by opiates mixed with cocaine. At the time I had never heard of “opiates”. I didn’t know what it was. Then everyone starts talking about dilaudid, and that is what he must have taken. I didn’t know what dilaudid was either. I sure wish I knew! I sure wish there was more awareness on the abuse of prescription drug use, especially amongst our youth.68267_10150341950045287_7473781_n

I finally mustered up the strength to call Ryan’s aunt  on Jan 1st to ask her what had happened leading up to Ryan’s death. At this point I had never spoken to her since Ryan’s passing. She proceeded to tell me they did lines of cocaine and watched tv. Around 6-630 am she said she gave him 1/2 pill of dilaudid before he went to sleep. They took half of one each. She also gave him a glass of orange juice because he was just getting over a terrible cold. He had to call in sick 3 days previous because of this cold. She asked him what time he wanted to get up and he said 11 am. She slept through her alarm and didn’t get up until 1 pm and found him dead.

I call the RCMP to tell him she admitted to giving Ryan dilaudid. I thought the officer should know so he could go and talk to her again. I thought it is illegal to share prescription drugs. He said no, that’s hear say so we had to wait for the toxicology report. I admit I was a bit frustrated and told him so but he assured me when report came they would then go and talk to his aunt.

Then about a week or two later she called my husband to cry and apologize, for what I’m not sure. But my husband told her that we believed she had contributed to Ryan’s death, that if she hadn’t given him dilaudid he wouldn’t have died. She said they had done it before so she didn’t think it was a big deal. My husband, asked her where she got the dilaudid and she told him it was her prescription. Again she admitted to sharing it with Ryan.

I call the police again to tell them she admitted to my husband that not only did she give it to him, it was her prescription. Again the police says there is nothing they can do until tox report comes back. At this point I get even more frustrated because she has also told other friends and family members she gave the dilaudid to Ryan. I just thought at least they should go back and talk to his aunt,doctor, anyone really ….. at least to take this drug from her because if she was sharing with Ryan, she was for sure sharing or selling to others. Again I’m told nothing can be done until report comes back.

2 months go by and I call the medical examiner to ask a question regarding Ryan. I am told that usually it takes 8-10 months for a toxicology report to come back but for some reason Ryan’s had just come in that day. They read the report and yes   Ryan’s death was an accidental death caused by cocaine and dilaudid, and pretty high amounts. The amounts I’m not sure what it means but it was more than 1/2 a pill he took. Not that this was exciting to us but at least there it was on black and white that dilaudid was in his system. Just like I told the police.

When I spoke to the medical examiner I asked if Ryan had not taken dilaudid that day/night, would he have died and she said no. No he would not have died. I am not saying Ryan was innocent. He was 21 years old. He was an adult and yes he consented to taking this drug …. BUT if he knew that grave risk he was taking that night me might not have made that choice. I am positive he would not have died that night if she hadn’t shared her prescription for dilaudid with my son.

So I call the police again to share that report is in. He says he didn’t get it I give him the number to call. At this time I ask what happens next? What happens to Ryan’s aunt? Because now, here it is in black and white that all ive been telling him. She shared her prescription and that illegal right? He says yes he will bring her in for new statement. But first he needs to bring this to his supervisor because he is now in Sackville, no longer in Cole Harbour and now they need to assign a new constable from Cole Harbour to his case. He says it will be a couple of days but someone will look after it and get in touch. I tell him I worry that this will give Ryan’s aunt time to think up lies because I have made no secret that I blame her for Ryan’s death. He says not to worry because they are experienced and when they bring her in for a new statement they will catch her in her lies. Again he pacified me, like he’s done all along. Basically to keep me off his back.

I hear nothing back in a DSC04746week so I call and leave a message as I’ve done in the past. Sometimes he returns my call sometimes he doesn’t. This time he didn’t so I had to call again 2 days later  to be told i have to wait 4 days because now he’s on his off days. I get frustrated and call Cole Harbour detachment and ask to speak to a supervisor. I explain everything from Dec 10th up until now and he agrees with me that there should be more communication and more action he feels. He says to call the original constable back in 4 days and if at that time I’m not satisfied to talk to his supervisor. I call and leave message and he does not call back. I ask to speak to the supervisor and the supervisor proceeds to tell me that the constable had brought Ryan’s case to the crown and they decided not to press charges. I am like, what?? How does this even happen?

I ask if anyone even went and got another statement from Ryan’s aunt but no one did. He says he will have the officer call me back and explain. He calls and tells me the crown didn’t want to press charges because Ryan was a consenting adult and an experienced drug user. I asked who said he was an experienced drug user and he said Ryan’s aunt did and I did. I never said that. I said I knew Ryan had experimented. So at this point I’m mad and I proceed to tell him I m not happy with the way this case was treated from the get go.   I told him I felt he didn’t care and didn’t do his job. I asked the officer 5 times if it was not illegal to share prescription drugs. I asked in those words, very clearly and all times his answer was “the crown chooses not to press charges”.

How can that be? What she did was illegal and no one is holding her accountable. How is this even possible that she get away with giving my son the drug that killed him?. This was Thursday night. I went to RCMP station friday afternoon to talk to someone, someone different that could tell me I’m not crazy, that someone should be held accountable. They said someone would be in touch with me and so far on a Wednesday night no one has gotten back to me.

How is it possible to allow her to continue to share her drugs? There is even a commercial on TV by the Halifax Regional Police that talks about how its illegal to share prescription drugs. If that’s the case then why is Ryan’s aunt still in possession of her prescription that she shares and why are police standing there letting it happen?

My husband and I know our son did drugs, probably even more than we knew including steroids. However we believe dilaudid is what killed him in the end. We don’t believe his aunt wanted our son dead. She loved him I’m sure. But someone has to be held accountable for giving my son dilaudid. I don’t expect her to go to jail. But rehab??? Someone taking her  prescription away?? Should if nothing else someone of authority tell her what she did was wrong? What she did was illegal?

– Trine Lise Good , Ryans Mom

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  1. I feel this woman’s pain as there is nothing done in my son’s case either. They tell me that we need closure. How in the hell are we ever going to get closure if they are still out there living and breathing day to day and still doing the same crap and killing our babies? I am angry, frustrated and appalled beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest easy boys and your mommas will get them one day ❤

    1. Sorry for your loss. I don’t know your story but if you wanted to share I would me more than happy to listen …. Is you sons case still under investigation?

  2. This is a wonderful write up. I would love the opportunity to share your story once i get the Ralley in the Valley (annapolis valley) running…i have a recovery group on Facebook called help those worth addictions recovery..feel free to join. The Ralley in the Valley with include setting up a trustfund to raise money for treatment, advocacy and leg work via concerned community members, media attention; as much as possible asking for government funded Treatment Centers, detox, methadone programs, etc. My name it’s Julie Simard. I’d love for your input and help in this deadly problem…before i lose my son too.

  3. This is like u telling the police I know someone dealing drugs and them saying oh okay so wat… The police have a job and they seem not to care! It’s like they r scared to get those ppl off the streets… Police drive me nuts they know ppl deal and they don’t give a shit and ppl r dying cuz they r getting drugs from these ppl and the police act like its nothing.

  4. It is frustrating for sure dealing with the “law” it seems that they have a set of rules that they do not tell the public and I have found that the RCMP have a problem with communicating…hence all the unsolved murder cases in Halifax/Dartmouth. I did not know your son, but I cant imagine the pain of losing a child. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you luck with the RCMP. They seem to all stick together, which makes the “system” even more frustrating.

  5. Beautifully written, you’re a brave woman Trine. Keep your head up, I know me and many others who are right behind you on this. The system is ridiculous.

  6. Trine, I absolutely understand your feelings to have someone held accountable for making that controlled drug available to a person who it is no prescribed too. Sometimes in life you may have to step back and wait for the proper legal moment for justice and I hope for you heart and soul that this is the case here, God bless you and your family until that day comes!!!

  7. This is unbelievable! I have a friend who has a child that a very similar thing happened to. It seems like this would be a good new way to commit murder and get away with it. Just give your enemy liquor, opiates and cocaine. Then the person who accepts them becomes a “known drug addict” and the person who gives them remains innocent and free to walk the streets and continue to do this. It is sickening! The laws have to change…they just have to!

  8. I am writing to you with whole-hearted support for a thorough investigation about your son’s death and the events leading to this tragedy. I write to you as a mother, a former correctional nurse, a woman that lives a law-abiding life. I have the utmost respect for justice, and I believe people ought to be punished for their crimes.

  9. I think this is a but inappropriate to have circulating on the internet, this seems like a private matter that should be dealt with inside of your family. The aunt you speak up has a child herself who I’m sure doesn’t want their friends reading this about his mother. I think it is important to educate people on the dangers prescription drugs but I don’t really think this is the right way to do so..

    1. If it`s okay to give her nephew prescription drugs, do you think she would think twice to give them to her own son ? What she did was wrong, and how the police handled it was wrong. Her choice and irresponsibility cost this 21 year old kid his life. Think about that before you call anything you know nothing about ” inappropriate”

    2. The Aunt needs to be responsible for her actions….maybe intervention by the justice system will help her get clean and in the end be a better mother for her children….

    3. A private matter? This isn’t a topic that should be swept under the rug. This is a real issue, people are losing their lives as the result of using prescription drugs that are not prescribed to them and the police are failing this family by not enforcing the law. This article is written by a mourning mother who is obviously frustrated by the lack of progress in her son’s case. She’s using a forum that is intended to raise awareness of the prescription drug problem. If you don’t appreciate her message then you should have stopped reading. I think your comment is narrow minded and insensitve.

      1. wow , this woman was brave enough to talk about this , she has suffered a great loss, and I really do not think that you can walk in her shoes unless you have experianced the same loss. I am so proud of her for not sweeping this under the rug.

      2. I dont think ryans aunt should have been giving him her perscription medications but ryan was an adult, he knew the risks he was taking. I wasnt trying to be insensitive, i understand how hard it is to lose someone you love. However even though his aunts behavior wasnt right i dont think its fair to blame her for his death.

    4. What kind of Aunt would do drugs or give drugs to their nephew?? She is not facing any legal consequences, so at the very least she should be publicly shamed. Obviously you are not a parent!!! How insensitive of you to make this comment.

    5. I think you are misunderstanding what I am trying to do here. I want awareness to the prescription drug epidemic that’s out there killing our youth. I am trying to get awareness out there to other parents. I am trying to save another persons life. I am trying to educate people, including myself on the dangers of sharing prescription drugs. It so happened to be his aunt that shared her prescription. I know she loved him but if she didnt share her prescription he would not have died that day. I’m not trying to “out” any one peson but if she sees this and reads how wrong it was maybe she will want to seek help for herself. Rehab perhaps? By losing her nephew I would hope at some point she will realize she needs help and in turn be a better person and a better parent. Would she not want this? You are her friend, maybe she will listen to you because she hasn’t listened to her family. Maybe you can help see she needs help.

      1. I lost my son in January of this year to the same mix of drugs and alcohol. he was given 4 12mg hydromorphone to put him to sleep after doing cocaine and alcohol throughout the evening. we are still trying to find justice and have the person held accountable. my story in not much different than yours. My heart goes out to you. if available, would it be possible for you to give me the results of the toxicology report for comparison. I too believe my son would be alive if it were not for the hydromorphone (dialluid). Thank you.

    6. this is directed to marie says: February 28, 2013 at 8:11 pm whos stated “I think this is a but inappropriate to have circulating on the internet, this seems like a private matter that should be dealt with inside of your family.” SHAME on you !!! .. this Mother who lost her son is Trying to Share a Devastating Tragedy to Inform People about the Dangers of Prescription pills & how Sharing them Can & usually does Kill . in My opinion If the Aunt Had any Decency or Love in her Heart at all for this Nephew she loved so much she would Turn Herself in to the Police & Get the Help she needs . But alas Drug Users & most “dealers” don’t give a damn about Others .. they just wanna keep the party & the high going No Matter Who it hurts (in this case Killed her Nephew whom she supposedly Loves) .also you said “The aunt you speak of has a child herself who I’m sure doesn’t want their friends reading this about his mother. this woman should have thought about That Before she Murdered another woman’s Child (a family member no less) Why does she deserve respect of silence when She Is CLEARLY CONTRIBUTED to this boys death. This boys mother will have Nothing but silent screaming in her world from now til the end of her days for the loss of HER CHILD at the hand of of the “Good time Party Aunt”.. .Sharing Prescription drug & using illegal drug are a Felony in this country .. Why is She not being held accountable as the Law Clearly states …this is NOT a Family matter .. this is a Legal matter for the Courts to Step up & Apply the Law ..

    7. Wow Marie…how cold of you! This woman is suffering and will suffer for the rest of her life. Get a grip and if this offends you, you might want to not read this stuff.

    8. I actually think that this is exactly what we need! AWARENESS!!!! I notice they have not named the aunt at all, they are just simply stating the facts. People need to be held accountable for these dangerous drugs. this is what is killing young kids, the ignorance that taking these dangerous prescriptions are the same as recreational drugs. They are not.
      The Aunt should also know the ramifications of taking dilaudid while having other drugs and alcohol in the system, this could also be her fate as well. I don’t think people realize, that after you lose someone in this way, the only thing you have left is to make their death count for something, to make a difference in someone elses life! That is all there is left, and even if it means saving one person, it somehow eases the pain.

  10. This is such a terrible loss, and not only do I agree with you that people need to be held accountable for these situations when sharing prescriptions, I was in this same situation last week however the outcome was not death. My boyfriend had been drinking and taking hyrdomorphone/dilaudids and other pills from what I have been told. We were lucky enough that a friend called 911 and the paramedics got to him in time. A few hours longer and he would not be here today. My boyfriend was a friend of Ryans, and my heart breaks for your family. We can only hope that something is done soon to get rid of the prescription drug abuse in this city. It has claimed far too many young peoples lives, and will claim many more if the authorities don’t do something to control this.

  11. People don’t realize that cocaine nowadays is more popular than it was when I was 15 (10 years ago) more people now do cocaine and opiates then they smoke weed. I myself have never mixed opiates with cocaine, that being said if it wasn’t for the guy who sold me the coke I probaly would have! He told me not to mix the two together, people think that opiates are uppers so it’s okay to mix them but they are not, they are downers! Mixing uppers and downers together is not okay. It’s pretty much a silent suicide. Neither is taking drugs but people do it, I’m not saying that’s its okay to do coke or take dilauted, what I’m trying to say is people need to be better educated on drugs and mixing them. It could save many many lives. I knew Ryan, I went to school with him, he was a handsome and sweet guy. The sad thing is that he now is labelled a druggie, which he wasn’t! My heart breaks for his mom, I couldn’t imagine loosing my kid, brings me to tears just thinking about it… As for his aunt, she sounds like a winner! She should have had her prescription taken from her and maybe a fine or something, yes Ryan did the drugs but a 42 year old woman should have some sense in her damn head! So for anyone who reads this, if your doing cocaine, don’t do opiates… its not worth it! Wait until your completely down from the coke, have a good sleep and then if you must, take the dilauted. Jesus people.. be smart. Too many people are dying from ignorance!

  12. I feel this woman’s pain as she’s trying to find a reason and someone to blame for her son’s death but I mean come on…is doing lines of coke all night a normal thing to do? Do people not OD on cocaine as well? She can’t blame the aunt for that prescription when he was doing all kinds of other things as well…I realize the aunt was enabling him being a drug user herself but he went there on his own looking for that stuff…I can’t imagine how I would feel had it been my child, I’m sure there would be anger to the aunt but her son was aware of his actions…

    1. wooooow define “normal”…. this is 2013 not 1950! How would you feel reading what you just put if it was YOUR son who died!? Think b4 you type… rude!

    2. I have a neice who I can party with ..same ages…..but she would never have to worry about me giving her dilaudid…..because i’m still her Aunt…and look out for her…no one should be giving the Aunt an easy out on this……she should have been there to protect him…

    3. Did you not read the whole story I wrote? I never said Ryan was innocent and yes he took the dilaudid mixed it with cocaine. The issue is sharing prescription drugs is illegal. It’s a deadly drug. If she didn’t share her prescription that night Ryan would not have died that day. It seems to me that you are a friend of Ryan’s aunt because the things you say are very same she says. There is no excuse for what she did. It’s wrong and yes it was wrong for Ryan to take it and in the end he paid the ultimate price, death. It’s also frustrating to me how there seems to be no remorse. If she loved him then she should perhaps try to better herself for her own self and her children by seeking help. You and I both know she needs professional help.

    4. Just curious how you know he was “doing lines all night”, and “and he was doing all kinds of other things as well”, and he went there looking for that stuff”. You seem to know a lot about that night so I would love to know what you know. Sound like you were there? Please if you know something I don’t please contact me …

  13. I am very sorry for your loss, and I think you should keep strong, and keep fighting, you will get justice, may your son rest in peace .

  14. First of all I am so sorry for the loss of your son. As a mother of 2 young men 19 and 22 I cannot imagine what you and your husband are going through. Second of all I am blown away at the fact nothing is being done about this. You are right there are commercials on about prescription drugs and newspaper articles of people who have lost loved ones just like you who were given or sold prescription drugs. No one seems to be accountable when something goes wrong. I hope the laws change and I hope more awareness is brought forward so this can be prevented from happening again. The sad thing is how many young people have to die for this to happen.

  15. This makes me sick…the police are lazy and act they they clearly do not care what so ever….maybe they should actually do there job for once. RIP ryan you sweetheart we all love and miss you so much..Ryan was not a junkie and it really makes me mad that the police treat this like “just another drug addict died” ….he really liked to party and got wild sometimes but he did not know that this mix would kill him or he would have never taken that risk. I do think that it is partly his aunts fault for sure. I know she loved Ryan like crazy but she should have never given him that ever. She should be help accountable for giving him that because she clearly “shares” her prescription ….Ryan was one of my best friends and if he did not go to his aunts house that night he would have not mixed cocaine and d’s and he probably would be here today. such a huge tragedy, the world lost an amazing man. You will be forever missed Ryan Good…My thoughts and prayers are always with the Goods. annon

    1. He didn’t know that this mix would kill him?… Did he not know that sniffing cociane all night or doing steroids could kill him? I’m thinking he didn’t really give a shit if it killed him otherwise why would he take it to begin with? He was too young to be involved in all that stuff…too many young people are…I don’t agree with sharing prescriptions drugs or crushing them and sniffing them like most people are doing these days… Waste of life

      1. No he didn’t. Thats the problem , too many people don’t understand the risks they are taking and too many young people feel it will never happen to them. Who can honestly say they didn’t make poor choices as a young adult or take risks?

  16. I went to elementry school & high school with Ryan. He was an incredible guy. Really sweet, & kind ot everyone & always great for a laugh if you needed one. I so sorry for your loss Mr. & Mrs. Good. My prayers are always with you xo

  17. This man was an adult, yes it was wrong for this aunt to aid him, but if he wasn’t getting it from her he would have found other outlets. Also celebrating a persons life by drinking and partying in “honor”‘of them seems also widly Inaproproate. God bless

  18. i feel sad for your family, i really do however it is the laws that need changed in this country and you can’t blame the police. They arrest criminals only to have them released by judges because of the law, if we want to see real changes we need reform to our criminal code. I have a crim degree and a husband who is a police officer, they are just as frustrated as the public is, trust me.

  19. I think I’ve only met him a time or two but from what I felt he’d seemed like a stand up guy. I’m very sorry for your loss. My condolences to the family.

  20. This would be a totally different outcome if this was the son of a politican or someone “deemed” worthy of invesitgating their death. All people should be treated equally. She provided the poison that contributed to his death therefore guilty of manslaughter. As a Canadian taxpayer I would like all “suspicious” deaths to be treated equally. Yes he was an addict but he needed help. This woman should not be allowed to get these prescriptions.

    1. He was not an addict what so ever… Just wanted to straighten that out, thanks for the feed back though

  21. I’m so sorry for your loss! I never met Ryan but I met Sam in Mexico this summer and she’s such an awesome person that I’m sure Ryan was too. The police’s reaction is definitely alarming and needs to be looked at, as I’m sure this reaction isn’t just isolated in Nova Scotia. My best wishes to you and your family

  22. He wouldn’t have died if he just did dilaudid’s, would be have? It unfortunately sounds like contribution of more than one problem and as a young adult I don’t feel he would have considered the coincidences. Although it’s not fair to put blame on any specific person.

    1. No, it’s actually quite easy to….if his Aunt hadn’t given him a controlled substance that was issued in her name….he would be alive….

    2. Yes you can die from just using dilaudid and it does not take much for someone who does not have a tolerance to opioids. Thats what people don’t understand. Its often the people who are experimenting who die from opioid overdose because their system does not have a tolerance like an addicts does. Also cutting pills into smaller pieces actually is worse than taking a whole one. The time release aspect is destroyed when you cut a pill giving the user the whole dose at once. Maybe Ryan thought he was taking less by splitting a pill when infact he was dose dumping.

  23. Do not give up this fight! You are NOT crazy! Find a lawyer, do whatever you have to do. Do not give up! You are doing all the right things. There should and has to be some justice.

  24. A Mom
    I believe that Ryan’s Aunt Should be held accountable,and admitted into rehab,before the grief and guilt overcomes her and there is another senseless death.I can not imagine losing a child ,so sorry for your loss

    1. What grief and guilt?!? She has none. The night of Ryan’s funeral she was partying with another group of 20 year olds. She is a junkie. Junkies don’t care. This woman has ALWAYS put drugs first. If waking up with your dead nephew on your couch is not hitting rock bottom and enough to make you change then what is? Waking up to your own child? I pray every night that, that doesn’t happen. She NEEDS to be stopped.

  25. I think of you often and feel your pain and loss. I am so sorry that this has happened but I can see that you will try to make some good come of it. Saving another young life would be such an honor to Ryan’s memory. He was a beautiful boy, I choose to remember him that way. Know that my prayers have been with you and your family.

  26. I totally agree with you in your opinion of having Ryan’s Aunt held accountable for her actions.
    I too had experienced such the same “run around” from the police department in Cole Harbour just a few years ago concerning my niece. She too had taken drugs and was only sixteen years old. She was under the care of an individual whom was much older than herself and fed her these same drugs that was his prescription. She was found the next morning unresponsive and unconscious. She too was taken to the Dartmouth General and her diagnosis was very grim. Long story short, she suffered a major brain injury under the hands of this individual and he never was charged or even considered for his involvement in this inhumane crime towards my niece.
    My question is Where is the Justice for our family members?
    I would also like to say in closing, I had the pleasure to meet Ryan on different occasions through my place of work, he truly was an upstanding young man.

  27. Parents should never have to bury their children, but it happens because of people like Ryan’s
    aunt and she should be held accountable. But, that is only MY opinion and yours. I will pray
    that you will find a way to make this happen. May the love of God surround you and give you
    and your husband the strength and wisdom to bring justice to your son. May he rest in peace.!

  28. I watched an older gentleman get fined over $70,000.00 for cigarettes but all charges for possessing over 3 lbs. of weed and a “described” grow operation with multitudes of harvested pots, gets dropped. It just shows me that the “Crown” is more interested in fining someone that is cutting into THIER crop (tobacco) than stopping the cultivation and distribution of an illegal drug. This is just one more example of how our legal system has lost focus of doing what is right. I am saddened that this has happened to your son and sickened that his aunt is getting away with it.

    In now way am I defending the officer, but having talked to many frustrated GOOD cops, they have their hands tied and want the streets clean but judges are too lenient refusing to enforce the laws that are in place.

  29. Dear Trine.. I feel your pain and frustration!!! I think you should go to the media with your story!!! I know there are other families that have gone through this!!! The legal system around here sucks!!! They are more interested in giving out traffic tickets and waste taxpayers on prosecuting trivial stuff!!! They need to buckle down and start fighting this problem with prescription drugs… It’s rampant in Nova Scotia!!! A very serious problem!! Not only should the people giving/selling their prescriptions be prosecuted but also the doctors who give them out like they are candy!!! If you didn’t pay a traffic ticket they would prosecute in a heartbeat!!!! What’s wrong with this picture??? Police are supposed to protect and serve.. Time for them to live up to this oath!!! You and your family will be in my prayers!!! Good luck !

  30. My heart goes out to all of the family and friends for this tragic loss. I have had experiences of loss in my family with regards to this end of life cancer drug. I have lost 2 family members to this drug, one in his mid 40’s who mixed it with alcohol and one who was way too young and was supplied with just too much. In both cases there have been no charges nor do we have the expectation that there will be. There is no need for the doctors in this country to prescribe without it being in a controlled setting and have it become accessible to people that will abuse it. There really needs to be more control. There also needs to be more education involved in the school system as well as to the general public. There will always be abuse but the people who do abuse really need to know the potential of the opiate and what it will do. You will die if you mix with alcohol, you will die if you take too much, that is a certainty. The problem is with the justice system of Canada, I have talked to different members of the police and they refer to Canada as a criminals paradise. If you remember recently a man got away with bringing a suitcase of cocaine to this province. I am surprised the courts didn’t just apologize and give it back to him for the illegal search. The crown needs to address this problem and not be afraid to lose money if the case isn’t won, awareness is the key. The education system needs to start informing the youth of today in Junior high about the dangers involved. The media needs to focus on this problem, way too many young people are going to die from this epidemic unless there is change in public awareness.

  31. I can imagine the strength it took you to write and share this and I wanted to thank you for doing it. I live in Dartmouth, near Cole Harbour and those of us who have teenagers should know that this can happen to anyone. Thanks to you taking the time to write this, maybe someone will now be aware and you could definitely save some lives.
    I am so very sorry that this happened to you and your family.

  32. First things first i want to offer from my family to yours our deepest condolences on the loss of your dear son Ryan …i met him breifly at the graduation in aug my daughter brittany took the course with Ryan and loved him very much …they were buds all the way …….and she still hurts because of his passing ……….This province for 30 yrs now has had the OPIATE EPIDEMIC but this province isnt equiped to handle it or doesnt have the resourses to fix it i myself have been dealing with this in my own family for that long detox here is a joke it just sets the person up for failure …there is no aftercare in which is needed or one the other hand the places that offer the 3 month treatment costs way more then people around here can afford ……epic fail …………..i was saddened by readying this however i hope you can reach just one person by your story .There should be a law in the these people that share there perscription drugs be held accountable for what happens to that other person this justice system sucks ass >>> but if i stole a bar ide be charged …….Fight as hard as you can hun maybe you will make the difference …..Sending healing blessings your way

  33. My brother also died in this way. There are way too many prescription drugs too easily accessible! I think its terrible that the boy’s Aunt wasn’t held accountable and is able to continue to “share” with other people! Yet someone has a bit of marijuana and they throw the book at them?!
    I truly don’t understand why no action was taken here. What, the life of a young man is deemed insignificant because he was known to have experimented with drugs before? Ok, so let’s wait for this woman to share her drugs with an innocent youth and once they are dead then action will take place?
    Give your head a shake law enforcement! Consider all lives as equal and take action to prevent more devestation!

  34. Trine,

    Although I don’t know you my heart breaks for you. You’re doing the right thing by bringing this to the forefront and I’m sure Ryan would be proud.

    As far as keeping this a “private” matter…..the aunt lost that privilege when she didn’t keep her meds to herself. The aunt would have been given clear instructions with her meds and based on what I’m seeing I’m sure based on her history she must have known there could be a reaction. I don’t use drugs but I do know you don’t mix certain ones. She should be ashamed.

    RIP sweet boy!

  35. Hate to bring it up as everyone seams to be tip toeing around it but could it also not stand to reason that had he of not had the cocaine in his system he would not have died? Yes anger and punishment should be headed in his aunts direction but what about this issue of an ILLEGAL drug being so easily accessible. I know its 2012 not 1950 as someone already stated but has our system become so corrupt that no blame is aimed towards the drug dealer that also supplied him with cocaine? Yes its extremely frustrating that his aunt isn’t suffering any of the consequences she deserves to be but I believe blame should be laid on someone else as well. Or is the dealer such a ‘nice’ guy that supplying cocaine to everyone is over looked?

    1. You cannot die from respiratory surpression from coke. Coke is a upper. You can easily die from abusing opioids all on their own. Opioids surpress your breathing. Thats how you die in your sleep.

    2. From The national Institute on Drug Abuse: The Autopsy would have indicated the dilaudid caused death. As stated below death from cocaine is rare. Had the Dilaudid not been given I bet Ryan would still be here.

      There also can be severe medical complications associated with cocaine abuse. Some of the most frequent are cardiovascular effects, including disturbances in heart rhythm and heart attacks; neurological effects, including strokes, seizures, headaches, and coma; and gastrointestinal complications, including abdominal pain and nausea. In rare instances, sudden death can occur on the first use of cocaine or unexpectedly thereafter. Cocaine-related deaths are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizures followed by respiratory arrest.

  36. Trine;
    I want to thank you for sharing this as difficult as it must of been. I would also say at this time I am so sorry for your and your families loss. It was heartbreaking to hear.

    R.I.P. Ryan

  37. I know the aunt from several years ago and the mom as well and i must say I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure all are grieving in each their own way. I understand that Trynn is trying to raise awareness and spread the word so others can be aware of the dangers of combining the rx and cocaine drug etc. I don’t think it is being done on a malicious way what so ever and I commend her courage for that as I could not find her strength to do that. Secondly the aunt, alot of us can point fingers and I defenetly do not agree with her methods of dealing with her grief, addiction is a desease and when she is ready for help I think she is fortunate because she has a lot of support in her family that I think will be there. Remember eventually she will have to live with the knowledge of what really happened and that is punishment far crueler than words of people who don’t know how addiction affects others and families etc. The situation is horrific and sad and I truly comment Trynn for making the effort to educate and make others aware of the dangers.

  38. I am so sorry for your loss Trine Lise. Drugs do not discriminate. Kids experiment. Drugs also alters the brain chemistry with long time users, and they lose empathy. They also lose the ability to feel guilt, and will blame any one but themselves for anything that happens. So don’t expect his aunt to suddenly realize her part in his death.My guess is that she never will, and she will only use it as an excuse to keep “partying” and how she most likely will get her next prescription. That is why we have laws to keep this from happening, and this is why we get so frustrated when the ones that are intended to uphold these laws give in to apathy and don’t care about prosecuting small fish. Many dealers also start with opiates in prescription forms for new clients, as it is a good introduction to heroin when their customers are hooked on that high and don’t give a shit anymore. We call it grooming, and it happens every day. I almost lost a husband like this, and if I hadn’t known someone who knew someone, he wouldn’t have been found in time. I say, no one should have to know who to call to get a reaction, no one should have to be connected to get help. “Small time dealers” need to be held responsible for their actions, and put in jail.

  39. So sorry for your pain!!! We need a whole new way of fighting this! There are way too many people selling and sharing this murder weapon to very very young children! I live in a very small community on PEI and I know personally that prescription drugs are free flowing! What a shame, and we are losing our children by the hundreds! Maybe they dont die, but really, they lose themselves. And I believe they lose themselves forever! The real person they were meant to be! Hopefully, most can clear themselves from their horrific addictions, but they will never be the same. So many of us parents are losing our very young, beautiful, promising and intelligent babies and we cant do a damm thing! God, please help our wonderful young people, cause no one else wants to!

  40. I lost my sister march 27 2012 she had a learning disability and got tangled up with the wrong people she died of an over dose but we believe it wasnt all her doing she found her boyfriend dead and was stuck with kevin wheaton who gave me sister pills to make her sleep all night while he was sneaking around with his boyfriend an he told my sister he was his father and she beleived him my family tried to get her away from him and had the plice check in on her to see how she was doing but kevin would leave messages on my moms phone yelling robyn doesnt speak for herself I speak for her so my mom gets the dreadful call about Robyn and goes to the hospital she passed away at 18yrs old. The police and our justice system suck ask

  41. It has been proven that had Ryan not taken the Dilauded he would have still been alive. And you are correct about the dealer who he got the cocaine from should also be punished. It is believed that it was the same person who gave him the Dilauded also gave him the cocaine. I have known Ryan his whole life, he was not some loser junky, he was a son, brother, grandson, friend and boyfriend. He was no different than a lot of other kids his age. Had he known of the danger this combination could have had on his life I believe he wouldn’t have taken the risk. Ryan loved life. His mom is the bravest person I know, less than 3 months ago she buried her child. Every parents worst nightmare. If she can save at least one child with her story than she will have succeeded. RIP Ryan ❤

  42. I never had any faith in the RCMP since I was a child. In 1969 my Dad got drowned in Sheet Harbour, N.S. One of the officers that came to the house to get details off what he was wearing said to my Mom you can’t expect us to search the whole ocean for 1 body…..a few months later there was a party for this officer as he was being transferred and he left the party at 4 am and went in the police boat and also took the principal of the high school with him….they went missing and the search was on….. my Grandfather found the officers body and the principals body was also found…..I should mention this was lobster season….. years later I come home from work and pick up the newspaper and read that plaques were laid in Halifax to honor officers who died in the line off duty and yep there was his name I hit the roof I was livid so I call the police and ask to please explain to me how that was the line of duty they get the officer who was his partner at the time call me back. He said that there was an investigation and he left a note that he was taking out the boat I ask is it common to take civilians to work with you and he said well years ago if they expected problems they did lol ….I said they were off Sober Island and that the only thing there was lobster traps and if there was a problem with a fisherman I would think it would be the department of fisheries. I was 10 years old today I am 55 and I have lived with this all my life knowing that constables wife collected big money for her huband dying in the line off duty. My Mother was 33 with 5 kids and got nothing. No insurance for 9 years as my fathers body was never found he was duck hunting. It makes one wonder where is justice.

  43. This is a horribly tragic situation and yes every individual is responsible for their actions. Unfortunately that not only includes people who sell drugs (or give/share them), it also includes people who willingly take those drugs.

    The aunt and coke dealer should obviously be held accountable for their actions but they cant foot all the blame.

  44. My heart is broken I am a mother of a 29 yr old son who has struggled with abusing prescription medications for years. He is a good good person ..artistic and has a gift in that he has such a good singing voice. My husband and I have watched him go in and out of rehabs…never fully completing a program to the end. We found out after yrs of fighting to save him that he had been molested by a man when he was only 8 yrs old. He had suppressed it so deep inside of him that it never came out until only a yr ago. The anguish the anger .the rage I feel inside of me for what this ..person did to him I cannot begin to describe!!!!!!
    He will not get help and thinks no one can help hiim. What makes it all worse is that he spent 3 yrs between 4 different hospitals when he was 13 with a severe eating disorder. His story was in Reader’s Digest…we fought with every thing in us to save his life…he has to be drugged in hospitals to keep him from ripping a feeding tube out of him…we had to go out of country to save our little boy..My story is long…too long to get into here…but lets just say..we saved him from one deadly illness only to watch him turn to drugs after he recovered from the first illness.
    These kids can go from walk in clinic to walk in clinic and get any prescription they want.
    Doctor’s have to be accountable!!! I know for a fact that there is a lot of “over prescribing going on and it has to stop!!!!!!!!!
    In my opinion doctors who do this are no better then a drug dealer on the streets.
    God bless u

  45. Marie…Trine is sharing her story to heal and bring awareness. It is her choice if this is private or not. Everyone does things differently and no one really knows what they would do until they are in the same situation.

  46. I know it’s sad to lose someone you love. You knew your son was taking drugs ….a sad but predicable ending to a drug users life.The fault lies with whoever put the drugs in their body.

  47. So sorry for your loss!!Unfortunately young people at this age do experiment with drugs we cannot just say there are druggies,our world has changed, liquor was once the experimental choice now it is this.The fact that an Aunt would even think it was okay to sit with her nephew and do lines of coke blows my mind,that is sick all in itself.The dilaudid has been proven to be the drug that lead to this young mans demise,the drug that she so recklessly and givingly provided him. As far as the police goes if it was one of their own we know the scenario and the outcome would be different and even though they may too be frustrated with the system,they would find a way to get their justice.Sure we need the drugs off the street but we also need people like the Aunt off the street as well,she made poor choices and should be held responsible and accountable.I hope a civil attorney sees your article and takes you on pro bono,maybe then you will get the justice you deserve, she will get the help she needs and Ryan’s death will not be in vain.Criminal court has failed Ryan and his family I would be heading to Civil court.Thanks you for your courage to raise awareness you may have likely saved another young person from a tragic senseless death!!
    RIP Ryan

  48. Ive sent 2 responses which have yet for to be shown to others. Is there an issue with my response because I have a different opinion than many.This is highly unfair to those responding. If you can’t take the other side of the spectrum than this blog should not have been made available to make a response of. This is soley a biased blog. If this blog is open to the public than all responses “non-ignorant” should be accepted. Simple.

    1. Your responses were ignorant and rude thats why they were not accepted. Also made under numerous alias’s. I have accepted other peoples opinions who do not agree but they need to be as respectful as possible. Your first response as John Foreman came in and it was rude and contained informaton that was untrue. Your second one wasnt as bad but when I see it come in under a different name with same ip and email with more mis information it looks like trolling. This is my blog and I am not going to allow internet trolls to harrass the Good family. Start your own blog if you want to harrass dead kids parents. Your right this blog is biased. Its about Getting Prescription Drugs Off The Streets and making EVERYONE accountable for their choices. You don’t like it? Make your own!

      1. Good for you, I commend you for keeping your blog your own, Opinions can differ and be expressed respectfully and tactfully and agree should be kept to the subject Koodos to you and sympathy to the entire Good family as the whole situation is tragedy in itself.

  49. People… Read the story and understand what this whole blog is about…….. It’s about AWARENESS and trying to educate the severity of what this drug does…. Trine and her family are suffering enough and really don’t need rude, negative and inappropriate comments about thier horrible loss…. She is making a VALID POINT… She is telling her story about the walls she is hitting with the judicial system……
    This information should be something that the public learns from and become aware that prescription drugs are illegal to share… I have to have a liscense to dispense narcotics to my patients… And doctors need one to prescribe…. People that have opiates/narcotic prescriptions CAN NOT just “hand them out”… Especially when they have no clue what the effects will e in the end….
    Please people…. Have a heart……..
    God bless you Trine and family….. xoxox

  50. You know I read this story and its breaks my heart..I have met Ryan a few times as he was friends with my daughter and hung around the same groups…Trine my heart goes out to you as know one should ever have to burry their child for this reason..Our kids are raised to know right from wrong and they all have made wrong choices in their lives..Some of us admit this and others live a pretend life. I can not begin to imagine the heartache that This family is going through…Trine you must be a strong person ..for his aunt to have gave Ryan dilaudid is one issue…but to sit there and do lines of coke with her nephew is another…you know our kids do enough stupid things on their own but as a adult we are suppose to have enough sense to not help them do stupid things…you know I have nieces and nephews and I love them with all of my heart but I can guarantee that I would never sit down with any of them over to snort some coke and pop some pills….if that is what they choose to do in life it would not be with me….myself I would probably be writing this from a jail cell because there is know way I would be able to ever live in the same city with her …I hope that justice is served to her in many ways than one and I hope that in time your heart heals …his memory will always live on in you…bess you and your family..and as far as his aunt goes I wish her a very painful and miserable life abd I hope everytime she closes her eyes she sees what she found that morning…and knows she is the cause..I admire you Trine….

  51. As a long time family friend of the Good’s, growing up with Leonard, Gary and Robert, I feel that I need to say a few words. First and foremost, unless you know something about addiction, prescription drugs, getting high from them, sharing them, or know what can happen, I beleive that you have no right to say anything negative to this family. I have seen this family since this terrible tragedy and how life can be zapped out of someone in a flash, this is what has happened to this wonderful family, Leonard, Trine, and Sam. I, myself, have been clean now for 4 years, and I can tell you, that everything that Trine is trying to do, I back her 100percent. It took me a long time, and a caring family to get clean, and God willing, I did not hurt anyone else by sharing (although i did), nor did i hurt myself. what i did do is hurt my family. As a long time user, Ryan’s aunt, has a lot to think about now, I am sure she is going thru hell but she did not lose her son, as this family has…I am asking her to please get help, I know how hard it is,,, I lived it for 8 years, you cannot do iton your own, you have to go and get the help. this will never bring Ryan back, but, what a legacy for him, to be the one to get so many people clean..my heart belongs to the Good family, God chose you all to be the speakers about this stupid disease and what can happen. I beleive this is Ryan’s legacy, he will be known for getting others to look and figure out, it is time to get clean. I beg those that are reading this, and are addicts…it is time to reach out for help…it was the hardest thing for me to do, but I am so glad that I had the love of my family to get me through it. It is running rampant in Cole Harbour, and it needs to stop…Trine, Lenoard and Sam, I applaud you for this, keep fighting for what you beleive in, and know that at anytime,, I am here for you. You guys are fighting so hard for this to be recognized and for someone to take the bull by the horns..I am not proud of what I was, who I had become, but after that long road, I am here, and proud to say that I am clean…I will never travel that dark, lonely road again, and neither will Ryan. R.I.P. Ryan, you are Cole Harbour’s Angel…luv to you guys, Trine, Lenoard and Sam…xoxoxo

  52. Your boy was a very handsome man yeah he was playing and maybe partying here and there but hay by the looks of him he is dressed good happy nice build he wasn’t a everyday drus user he shows no sign. Whatever she have that boy killed him and if no one is helping u .. Guess what u take care of it yourself . Giving her nephew pills is she retarded? Hope she sleeps at night . You make sure that whole community knows what she did !!!! Good luck sweety it be okay

  53. Our son Ben died Dec 4 2010 from the same drug given to him by someone , he was only 31 our first born son .
    I know the pain you are feeling

    1. Sorry for the loss of your son. Is you sons case still being investigated? If you want to share your story please feel free to contact me …

  54. Stand strong Trine and do what your heart tells you to do, no one else unless they have been in your shoes should speak of any of it.

  55. everyone seems to think that because he was 21, and knew the risks, that that justifies his death. Yes, he shouldn’t have been doing drugs, but to lose your whole life? To not be able to get married, have kids, get a job? For the family to go through so much grief and depression, all because of a mistake? He has paid the ultimate price for his mistake, he did not deserve to die, and his death isn’t justified with one mistake.

  56. Look the dilodid didnt kill him especially 1/2 a pill. Iv dont dilodids before using cocain and after and it help you calm down cause when you do coke your heart speeds up sometimes so fast if you do so much you get scared like your going need an ambulace. doing a small amount of D chills you out and slows it down a little and helps you come down. what happened was 1. he did to much coke and had a heart attack, 2. he was on other things all at the same time and they reacted bad. 3. he took coke and a lot more than 1/2 pill of a d and IV used it togather at the same time. Its real simple 1/2 a d didnt kill him either it was a combonation of other things or he did more than 1/2 a D while doing coke and other things at the same time and didnt stay hidrayted. if your goig to do coke and Ds you will be fine unless your driking and get dehydrated and also do alot more than 1/2 pill while doing coke. Im very sorry this poor kid died but theres more to what happened This I know

  57. I’m sorry but you are grossly mistaken. Ryan died from a combination of cocaine and dilaudid. The amount we are not sure, the mg of dilaudid is unknown because his aunt never told us the strength of the dilaudid. 1/2 of a pill can kill you. It could be 1/2 of a 24 mg of dilaudid for all we know. So 1. He did not die from a heart attack. He died because his heart stopped beating and because you are uneducated ill let you know just because it stopped beating it is not a heart attack. His brain forgot to tell him to breath. 2. He was not on “other things”. And 3. Yes he died from cocaine and dilaudid. This I know because of his toxicology report. My wish for you is that you get proper education on the use of prescription drug abuse so that I don’t have to read about you in the papers. And that your parents and loved ones do not have to live the nightmare Ryan’s family and friends are now living because of prescription drugs. Please talk to someone on the dangers of using dilaudid that have not been prescribed to you. Did you read Olivia’s story? She died from taking dilaudid, and dilaudid only. She had no other drug or alcohol in her system, yet she died. She died because the drug was never meant for her.

    Ryans mom,
    Trine Lise

  58. Please Ryans Mom I would so love to talk with you. AsI have a Daughter who is on opiads now and trying to get help. I really look forward to talking with you. I live in Halifax.

  59. Dear Mrs. Good,

    I am so sorry for your loss and will keep your family in my prayers. That said, I totally agree with you that the aunt should be held somewhat accountable. I am assuming ur not in the States bc giving your scrip or pills to someone else is illegal. However, it wasn’t the Dilaudid that killed your son. I have chronic migraines – 2x per week – and have to inject 1-2 ml of Dilaudid each time. If the aunt only gave him 1/2 pf a pill, he would have been Ok. But, she let your son, her nephew!, do cocaine with her AND drink alcohol – it’s the combination of the three that was responsible for the loss of ur son. You can NEVER mix opiates (which simply put are narcotics used for severe pain relief like morphine, demerol, etc.) with alcohol ever, & definitely not with cocaine. The number one choice 4 suicide victims without weapons is mixing narcotic meds & alcohol like Anna Nicole Smith. But the aunt DEFINITELY knew the dangers of mixing the dilaudid with alcohol & other druges, illegal or legal, since it was her Rx. What tears at my heart is that yes ur son was an adult but he probably loved and trusted his aunt and lost his life for that. If she cannot be criminally responsible, I would sue her in civil court (if u can do that there) and, since you says she’s an addict of illegal drugs — which begs the question how did she get a dilaudid scrip in the first place — you might want to file charges against her doc if he knew she was an addict and gave her a scrip 4 another potentially addictive drug — and have her committed to a treatment facility. I had to go thru screenings & blood tests to first show I was not on any other meds or alcohol that would negatively interact with the dilaudid. Her doc should have done the same, and if she’s an addict, and he gave her the dilaudid scrip anyway, he might be criminally liable.

    Take care of yourself,

  60. I’ve lost a loved one due to drug addiction. It happends and will keep happening. Prevention and informing our kids is the best way not sweeping the idea of illegal drugs under the rug. If more kids knew what combinations where lethal it would save A lot of lives but they dont teach that in school. Also NOTHING will bring this poor boy back to life. There seen to be a lot of anger directed towards the aunt as if she murderd the kid. They were obviously friends and she has to live with what she’s done for the rest of her life. Holding a resentment towards the aunt will only make things worse for you , holding a resentment is like punching yourself in the face and expecting the other person to hurt. I learned this when I myself got clean. Maybe working on acceptance of this situation and moving on slowly with life is the best coarse of action. My prayers are with you and may some of the pain be lifted , accepting that he cannot comeback.

  61. It says under the instructions _ Do not crush, break, or open an extended-release pill. Swallow it whole to avoid exposure to a potentially fatal dose.

    Prescription drugs are just as dangerous as street drugs even if you think you know what it is.
    Stay away from them.

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