12 thoughts on “Kyle Fredericks Confession Ruled Not Admissible In Court – Video CBC

  1. OMG when your dope sick you will do anything to not be sick if that means telling ppl what they wonna hear then that is what you will do. I feel his pain.
    By all means I am not justifying what happened to josh by saying this. But i have been dope sick and it sucks i do not wish that pain on my worst enemy that is how bad it is.
    Thank god for methadone.
    I pray that this whole case will be solved in the end and everything will be okay. what happened to josh is sooo horrible and so sad.

    1. if you are dope sick and sitting in a room with two cops…..you have the opportunity to tell them as they could probably see that…but Kyle kept insisting “i am clean…have been for three months”. Then change his story. SORRY…..this gives EVERYONE AN “OUT” who is an addict and gets into trouble because of it and can’t be responsible for anything they say 😦 Yes, methadone has a purpose. But if he was on it….he would have fessed up and had his daily dose delivered by RCMP. LIES LIES LIES….and gets away with it 😦

  2. I never new he was on methadone i was saying that cause it saved my life. and I would never admit to a cop that i am using.. I can see why he did it.. I came from that life you don’t tell cops that you are using drugs. And lets say he did get clean for a couple months it takes very little to get back on the pills.. he could of easily relapsed.
    I am just saying that him being pill sick could of been real. and I know it sucks being dope sick. You have no proof that he was lying when he said he was dope sick.
    I am not saying kyle did contribute to josh’s death and i am not saying he did not contribute. i do not know and I was not there so I have no right to say if he is guilty or not. LIke all you other ppl just assume he did it and he is guilty and you have no idea either what happened at that party.

    1. Your assuming more than anyone else. Did you sit in the trial and here all the evidence? He wont admit to doing drugs to cops but admits selling them . You make a lot of sense. NOT

    2. If you saw the video you could defend him but you didnt. He didnt show any signs of withdrawl except being cold. So you admit to selling drugs because your cold?

    3. my apologies, i was assuming you knew he was on methadone or not….my apologies. I have seen dope sick…yes they will say anything to get out of a situation. However, if that is his claim then the apparent claim that he stated we was clean for 3 months is contradictory. All i am saying is THE JUDGE is messing with things that will set up future problems in cases like this. 😦 For example…say someone slipped a “date rape drug” into a girls drink. The girl is raped and dies because of a reaction to something else she has in her system. One or two people “saw” the pill being slipped into the drink by someone…that someone was taken in for questioning. This person after many hours of being question and denying he did it, then turns around (because he is dope sick) and tells them he did it. LATER THE JUDGE THROWS IT OUT BECAUSE HE WAS WITHDRAWING are your serious, really???? So now a confession is no good. GOOD LORD, half of this province would be able to confess to murder and have the confession thrown out because they were an addict 😦

      1. True Amy…good point. He is a liar, i guess it will be up to his lawyer to decide if he was dope sick, or on methadone, or whatever else is convenient. I totally disagree with the judges decision 😦 it is like saying a confession from a person who was drunk the night before having an excuse of being “still a bit intoxicated” during a confession after the night of killing someone while driving. ANGER 😦

  3. i am logan.. you do not know me.. I am not assuming anything I said I can not say that he did it or not because i was not there. you guys were not there but yet you assume kyle is guilty.. I have no right in saying your right or your wrong.
    I am not trying to start a fight.
    all i was saying was I can relate to him in the way that i know what dope sickness feels like and what you will do to not go through that sickness.
    you guys think what you want.
    and who is this steph person?
    You are right i was not at the trial and that is why i said i can not say that he did it or not cause I do not know. I am not kyle and i was not there so all i know is what ppl tell me.

    1. You are not logan but i do know who you are and your always playing devils advocate. You play both sides on my facebook site and website. I have tolerated it long enough. If your going to post dont use fake names as the webmaster I can tell. I have tried to help you personally and I dont appreciate you being two faced. If you want to stick up for Kyle have the guts to use your real name.

    2. So all the people who wrote statments saying they were there that night and kyle sold josh the pill .those people are lying too?? You like to pick and choose what facts you like.Look at the whole picture.

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