2 thoughts on “John Munro calls for better education and enforcement regarding prescription drug abuse. -CBC News

  1. EDUCATION is key…and Yvonne is from my home town where perscription drug abuse is rampit and she would prob never know it from just visiting. Also, to the Health Minister. THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PERSCRIPTIONS are the ones putting it on the market. THEY DON’T NEED all of their perscription so it suppliments their income. THE PROBLEM is that drugs like dilaudid, oxy, hydromorphone, etc. SHOULD NEVER BE PERSCRIBED LONG TERM or refilled. This medication should be used in hospitals and/or short term before evaluating the patient over and over again and perscribing an alternative NOT AN OPIOID for pain. Just my opinion.

  2. I am a concerned parent here in Ottawa, Ontario but I am originally from Bridgewater, NS and I cannot believe even the amount of pills these people are having access to….. I mean seriously aren’t these drugs supposed to be SHORT TERM…. NO REFILS…. bla bla bla.
    Are you doctors THAT NAIVE to think that prescribing hundreds upon hundreds of these pills at a time (I’ve seen this first hand) that these people aren’t leaving the docs office and calling up OUR KIDS and offering them this “candy”???
    Wake up DOCTORS because there’s a real wave of people (parents) here that are sick and tired of seeing this crap in our homes…. Everyone I know (knows at least one other person) that’s hooked on these pain killers, no matter the name, brand, dose or whatever else.
    Stop this insanity…..PEOPLE ARE DYING!!

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