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W5’s Prescription for Tragedy – Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia

In recent years, the number of addictions and deaths resulting from prescription drugs in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley has grown to crisis proportions. Premiering this Saturday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV, W5’s “PRESCRIPTION FOR TRAGEDY” investigates the prescription pill epidemic in this Canadian community, the growing number of kids and adults using and overdosing on opiates, and the alarming ease in getting prescription drugs on the street.

On this week’s program, W5‘s Victor Malarek reports on Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, which has a troubling prescription pill problem on its hands. In recent years, the community has experienced numerous deaths linked to prescription painkillers. With an estimated 1,000 deaths across the country linked to opioids – like morphine, oxycodone, and hydromorphone – experts say opioids are killing more people in Canada than cocaine and heroin, combined.

W5‘s hidden-camera investigation reveals just how shockingly easy it is to score pain pills on the street, even in line at a local walk-in clinic that specializes in treating recovering addicts and patients in pain. W5 also examines the Nova Scotia’s Prescription Monitoring Program, which aims to tackle abuse of drugs like opioids. In May 2012, the Nova Scotia Auditor General issued a scathing report on the Program, identifying gross failures with evidence of a program that is broken.

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