One thought on “Stephanie Benham Spreads Awareness About RX Drug Abuse – CBC & Global News – VIDEO

  1. I remember about a week after my daughter returned from the USA and i had joined this group during my axious time before and after going with my daughter for this treatment, CBC and CTV were all over her story…and here it is almost 32 months later and no progress seems to have been made in our province of Nova Scotia with addiction help. However, i have discovered that Naltrexone is available as i was talking to a mom in Bridgewater area who did it prescribed for her son and was actually available. WHY MUST WE GO ON BELIEVING METHADONE IS NOVA SCOTIA’S ONLY OPTION to trying to lead a normal life???? Sorry for the rant, i just want happiness and freedom for sooooo many. So proud of the life my daughter is living and wanting it for so many. But nary a whisper any new developments for addiction help. Sorta disappointed. I would love to see happier stories and less sad news on new overdoses (which just bring me to my knees in tears). Hopefully NEW MEDICAL PERSONNEL will start getting the word out. For me…i look forward to celebrating (actually i celebrate daily) my daughter’s 3 YEARS free of opiates and methadone this coming August.

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