Bridgewater man charged with prescription drug trafficking – Chronicle Herald

A Bridgewater man who had a young man fatally overdose in his apartment and then lost his girlfriend to drugs has been charged with trafficking a prescription medication.

Kevin Leroy Wheaton, 47, is due to appear in Bridgewater provincial court on Nov. 7.

The charge came after a 10-month investigation by Bridgewater Police Service with help from the provincial medical examiner’s office, a police news release said.

Joshua Ballard, 22, died from a methadone overdose inside Wheaton’s King Street  apartment on Oct. 29, 2011.

Ballard’s ex-girlfriend, Robyn Brown, 18, died in Halifax’s Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre on March 27 of this year.

She was found unresponsive in a Maple Street apartment in Bridgewater two days earlier. Friends said she had taken someone else’s sleeping pills.

Brown and Wheaton were a couple at the time of her death and he placed a death notice in the Bridgewater newspaper that called her “his life and whole world.”


2 thoughts on “Bridgewater man charged with prescription drug trafficking – Chronicle Herald

  1. My sister was not Kevin Wheaton’s girlfriend. Kevin was responsible for Robyns death and Robyn and Josh were a couple and when Josh died Kevin took advantage of a girl with a disability and brain washed her and kept her drugged. I think it is a little suspicious when Josh and Robyn died around the same sick man. How many people are gonna die before the justice system can protect them. Kevin Wheaton should be thrown in jail because of his carelessness.

    1. I am so sorry you have lost a sibling , as i have to a prescription drug overdose. I copied and pasted the article from the Chronicle Herald. I can delete the post if you like. I just wanted everyone to see his name and that he has been charged.

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