6 thoughts on “April and Kyle Schalow Talk About Keeping the Secret Of RX Drug Addiction – OPRAH-VIDEO

  1. i am a 26 yr old female from canada who just went through detox in detroit. i was an addict for 8-9 yrs and this is a growing problem not just here in nova scotia but globally. it needs to stop and ive heard and seen many deaths realated to precrption drugs please contact me w0099199@nscc.ca

      1. April, I am Kyle’s cousin (2nd), Aaron Burrows. His cousin Diana’s son. Just wanted to see how you guys were doing. I haven’t seen kyle in about 15 years.

      2. Someone should ask the great Kyle and cold hearted April why they will not allow their children to see there wonderful great grandparents. I am April’s uncle, too bad people will never know the whole story of what has been going on and what is going on now. You can be any one you want to be on line. May God help there lovely children.

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