4 thoughts on “CBC News Covers Fredericks First Court Date

  1. Um, Kyle did not wave and laugh at amy. She started staring and smiling as soon as we walked in, he smiled back. Why is it all have to be lies with you? Everything has to be so over exadrated.

    1. OK Kelsey, he only smiled and nodded to me and my grieving family. Everyone saw the big smile on his face when he saw my family. My mom and grandmother were also disgusted with his attitiude , cockiness , and smiles not just me .

      1. WOW…… Can’t believe you actually wrote that message Kelsey….. This is the first time I have read it and it broke my heart… I don’t care if Kyle smiled 1st or 2nd or even 3rd…… I never smiled once…. Can’t believe you think it’s O.K. that he wasn’t the first person to smile….You can’t know what REAL LOVE is …. Feel sorry for you… All we can do is pray for you xoxo

  2. Kyle and Kelsey,

    I will not be in court on April 30 th….. Can’t do the smiles !!!! Hope you will both come around and realize what a great life we have lost, and how many we could save….. Please think…. We can all work together… Josh may have not meant alot to you, but he meant the world to me….. It is time to help yourselves in memory of Josh

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