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Finally Justice For Josh ! CBC Maritime Noon Covers Kyle Fredericks Charges .


Kyle Fredericks, Kentville, 22, Picture Above is charged with criminal negligence causing death and trafficking in a controlled substance (hydromorphone) in relation to Josh Graves' death.

15 thoughts on “Finally Justice For Josh ! CBC Maritime Noon Covers Kyle Fredericks Charges .

  1. This is very serious and in Canada, innocent until proved guilty. I wonder where these drugs are coming from and wonder whether this will be addressed at trial. Amy, you have done tremendous work for your brother. I hope you are able to build on what you have done to help others in the future.

  2. Amy – Good for you for not stopping!
    I can only imagine the impact it would have if all drug-related deaths were investigated. You did a very good thing.

  3. Hi Amy, I want to say thank you for all your doing. The abuse of prescription pills is not limited to the Valley, or Cape Breton. It is an epidemic, and needs to be addressed. Please don’t stop in your fight. You are saving lives.

    We need you!

    Ginny Bonn

  4. umm i know people are glad that there was someone charged for the death of josh yes it was a sin , but hey there was more then one guy selling the same pills that night how can u guys just put the blame on trippy how do you guys honestly not know the other guy could have a had to do with it too , in my own mind if one is getting charged for it the both of them should be charged with the samme fucking thing like common its not fair for one boy who did the same as the other do YEARS and have way more charges for the excat same drug trafficing ,, but its called ppl open there moths and cops let them get off easier

      1. i am not sayin that brad killed him nope i am just saying that there is 1000 more ppl who sell drugs out there and shit happens to ppl and nothing is done i think selling drugs that could hurt ppl is as wrong as killing ppl too though

      2. well now people will think twice wont they? If they don’t thats their own stupid fault. Josh paid his consequences for his stupid choice , now its Kyle and Brads turn . Hopefully they can get clean now and stop selling this poison .

  5. like they both did what ever that night but honestly it could have been just as well someone else that got it from the other person so if one is holded into cusdy they both should be the justice system is messed

  6. i know that i mean like they should both just be held until court then u can offically justice cuz 2 more off the streets

  7. i my self do not like pills i am just saying that if both where charged for selling then they both should be in jail now !

    1. i was told he was in custody but i guess he is not ! i hope that what has to be done is done but at same time proper justice should be served

  8. Its really simple to me… you do the crime, you do the time… an illegal substance was sold at the party. That substance mixed with alcohol was a fatal amount. So now we have a result. An illegal substance was sold and resulting in the death of a young man. Yes he chose to take it… But if that substance wasn’t available to take at the time, it wouldn’t have been. So once again. The illegal substance sold resulted in death… it’s a crime… if you’re prepared to do the crime… why is it, no one is ever prepared to do the time? Drug dealing doesn’t make you tough or hard or cool… It puts you at risk of facing charges like this, jail sentences and a worthless future… Criminal Negligence causing death is a serious charge… Once this is over… in this small place… it wont leave many options for income for Kyle… These choices, all for a few easy dollars, don’t ever seem worth it in the end… Sure he can move away, work, forget the past life here… Leaving behind, friends and family, memories, a childhood a home… so much more… But no matter what… he’ll never be able to walk away from that record… It may haunt him for the rest of his life… People should open their eyes here… a few quick bucks, or a future filled with more crime just to get a few bucks… Or be a real man, and go get a real job… hardworking man, who comes home at the end of the day exhausted and sweaty or covered in paint, or dirt, or whatever the case may be… is much more attractive then a man who hangs home all day hustlin’ while his woman works her ass off at a real job!!! Just open your eyes!

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