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Jordi Morgan Talks About N.S. Pulling OxyContin/OxyNeo Funding

6 thoughts on “Jordi Morgan Talks About N.S. Pulling OxyContin/OxyNeo Funding

  1. Thank you Jordi once again for a great interview…….Amy has been so strong and a great voice for our family….Thank you so much…. Joshie’s Mommy…. Karen Graves

    1. This is a great interview, positive approach to go along with all the other provinces of Canada. i still believe it has the potential to be abused as it is still addictive, so if it hits the streets, it may not beable to be crushed, it will still cause harm. Again, still a start, but like she said, it won’t solve the issue by a long stretch, but at least it is off the market. Leslie Tilley

  2. Karen Scott Graves
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  3. Where did the drug that killed my son come from…….. Do any of you care ?????? Karen Graves Love you Joshie xoxoxo

    1. I can’t even begin to imagine how badly the pain of losing a child would hurt. I am SOO sorry for your loss. Your son looked happy and loved. I’m not sure what happened, the video wouldn’t play for me, but regardless, I am so very sorry. As a mother, I know how “truly, madly, deeply” we love our children.
      May your son Rest In Peace.

      1. America\’s drug process is evil! So is a DEA! Keep your laws off of my body! The fight upon drug is not wirokng we have been only giving a bootleg drug cartels some-more money, energy as well as reasons to dedicate violence! Legalize it as well as lift your heads out of your donkey (those who consider a supervision should keep pot illegal)! as well as TheFragile89, observant people should not be prescribed drug ever? How foolish can we be moron! Read what we wrote as well as consider again! Legalize drug as well as save income as well as lives!

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