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CBC Info Morning Talks To C.P.S.N.S. on Prescription Drug Abuse in the Annapolis Valley


– The Gould Report , May 2011

Both Chief Mander and the RCMP confirmed that they have found evidence of the diversion for
abuse of prescriptions for opiates and other controlled substances (benzodiazepines) in
AVDHA. Based on police information, for the most part, pills appear to be diverted to an illicit
market in a variety of ways from prescriptions received and filled by patients within AVDHA.
This is in contrast to Cape Breton where prescription drugs are often imported from outside of
the region or province.

Below is a great article explaining the Collaborative Chronic Pain Network that Gus Grant mentioned . What if one of the doctors in the network is a over prescriber?? What if they are getting their prescribing information from the people who fund the pain network?? Purdue Pharma ! 

-Maker Of Oxy Contin Keeps Drug Flowing In Nova Scotia

Marianne Skolek

They call their efforts “reducing the burden of chronic pain”.

Their support of the treatment of chronic pain is because they claim one in five Nova Scotians suffer from chronic pain.

Below is off the website of the Queen Elizabeth II Health Services Centre in Halifax, recipient of the donation from Purdue Pharma. It’s interesting that the “average wait time” is 3 years.

It’s also interesting to see a reference to the “Pediatric Complex Pain Clinic” at this facility. Since Purdue Pharma violated their probation after their criminal conviction in Federal Court in 2007 by marketing for “pregnancy pain” and the “undertreatment of pain in newborn and pediatric patients”, it might serve the government of Canada to look a little closer at the financial contributions made by Purdue Pharma.

In addition to enhancing the pain clinic, the donation from Purdue Pharma Canada will be used to expand the Nova Scotia Chronic Pain Collaborative Care Network (NSCPCCN) across Canada.

Interesting enough the Nova Scotia Chronic Pain Collaborative Care Network was set up financially by Purdue Pharma. Maybe instead of funding websites in an effort to push more OxyContin, they should set up drug rehabilitation facilities throughout Canada for the problem they caused by using deceit in the promotion of OxyContin.

Wagners Law Firm in Halifax has filed a class action suit against the maker of OxyContin for the false promotion of the drug which has resulted in an epidemic of addiction and death in Canada. This pattern of addiction, abuse and death repeated itself in Atlantic Canada, particularly in Cape Breton and in Newfoundland and Labrador. The scope of the problem created in Newfoundland and Labrador was discussed in the OxyContin Task Force Final Report, June 30, 2004. The report noted that the bulk of OxyContin on the streets originated with prescriptions generated in Newfoundland and Labrador and has led to an increase in the number of pharmacy break-ins, armed robberies at pharmacies, break-ins at homes targeted for OxyContin, personal robberies with violence, and shoplifting rings operating in St. John’s for the purpose of obtaining OxyContin. There has also been a surge in deaths related to drug overdoses. This report may be found here.

The Nova Scotia Provincial Motto is “One defends and the other conquers.” Hopefully Nova Scotia will not allow Purdue Pharma to “conquer” by pushing more OxyContin on an already acutely over-prescribed OxyContin in Canada because of deceit in the marketing of the drug.

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