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Confessions Of An Annapolis Valley Pill Dealer

Kristin Dowling , a young woman in her 20’s from the Annapolis Valley has been serving time in prison since April 2011 for the armed robbery of the Clinic Pharmacy in Kentville Nova Scotia . She was a legal user for 5 years and had multiple scripts for powerful opiate painkillers. She was suddenly cut by her doctor after a protest outside of his office in March 2011 . Weeks later after no other doctors would fill her prescription she robbed the clinic pharmacy for approx 50, 000 dollars worth of dilaudid . The drug she had been previously prescribed.

This August Kristin wrote a letter to be read at Kentvilles Prescription to Addiction Awareness Hour’s event. In the letter, she talked about going to a “pill doctor,” who would send her home with months worth of pills at a time. In her first two weeks in this doctor’s care, she was prescribed five months worth of drugs. “I kept going back, and I kept getting more,” she wrote. She also admitted to being a street dealer

The following is an interview I had over the phone with Kristin Dowling this week .

GPDOTS : How did your addiction begin to prescription pain killers?

KD : In the mid 2000’s I tried orally taking opiate painkillers. I really liked the feeling it gave me. I then tried snorting them and thought the high was amazing ! In 2006 I heard of a new doctor at Mud Creek Medical Clinic , his name was Dr Salazar. I was told you could go in and easily get pills with the right excuse. The first time I went to see him I walked out with 5 months of meds.

GPDOTS : Were you in any pain when you went in to see the doctor?

KD: No I was not in any pain what so ever

GPDOTS :What did you say was causing your pain so you could get a legal prescription to abuse and divert?

KD: Scoliosis

GPDOTS : Did Dr Salazar ever indicate he knew about your drug abuse issues?

KD: Yes he told us different times over the years that he had complaints about me and my partner selling and abusing our meds. One time the pharmacy called to complain to Dr Salazar because we were buying clean needles and filling our prescriptions at the same time. Another time he said he received a complaint from  other patients that we were selling pills in the Mud Creek parking lot.

GPDOTS :  Did the police ever indicate to you they knew about you selling  and abusing your prescriptions?

KD : Yes we had been raided so many times ! We always got out of trouble because we had our prescriptions . As long as we had the kind of pills we were prescribed we were un touchable .

GPDOTS: Did the pharmacy ever question you about your prescriptions or buying needles at the same time?

KD : Never

GPDOTS : Did you ever see any other doctors from Mud Creek Clinic ?

KD : Yes , we used to see Dr Doran when Salazar was not in .

GPDOTS : Did the police know where you were getting your prescriptions ?

KD : Yes they knew we were getting all our prescriptions from Mud Creek Medical Clinic.

GPDOTS : Before your prescription was cut off what were you being prescribed from Dr Salazar?

KD : I was prescribed 120 hydromorphone 12’s per month , about 4 pills a day which is 48mg per day.  I had enough pills between me and my partner that we could abuse and sell them .

GPDOTS : How long did you abuse your prescriptions before you were cut off??

KD : 5 years

Kristin says this has been the first time she has been sober since her teenage years and she is thankful she went to prison . When Kristin gets out of prison in 2012 she wants to go to University to get a degree so she can help people who used to be in her old shoes.

Kristin Dowling BEFORE her prison sentence


Kristin Dowling AFTER being in jail 5 months




45 thoughts on “Confessions Of An Annapolis Valley Pill Dealer

  1. What an amazing story for addicts like her to read. She is a strong woman and obviously prison saved her life. I only wished this would cure others. 🙂 🙂 I pray to God this girl stays clean when she gets out and does go to University to get a degree so she can go on to helping others. 🙂 🙂

  2. Congrats on having the courage and strength to use your story to help others. I believe the Annapolis Valley is in crisis over the use of preseciption medications. I hope that you find your path through the rest of your life to be strong, healthy and with continued courage that you have shown by sharing this with others.
    Thank you.

  3. I have known her my sense she was 12 and Being in jail Is what she needed ,When others use …Then make that there everyday life She has 3 kids who have missed out on having a mother Because of this And They will never be the same ….And understanding that someday…There will be a happy relationship with kids and mother But who is to say Its not all about the drugs its with your friends are and who you have had standing beside you which she has not ever had that .Someday soon she may get better But until back on the streets I guess it a waiting game to see good luck .

  4. Thats my cousin! So proud of you krissy… I went through the same addiction for 5 years, what a fucking nightmare! The crooks are the ones putting these things on the street. stay strong krissy, seeyah next year!

    1. Seriously? Who crowned you Mr Perfect? So, she got busted before turning her life around – they key here, is she’s trying to turn her life around! What if this was your child? Your sister? Your mother? People deserve a second chance . After that fails – then be as negative and opinionated as you want

    2. How is this glorified? Its the facts , pretty straight forward . Prison and pill addiction does not look very glam to me according to her answers. Never knew prison was something to brag about. Why are you not concerned about the doctors actions ? Only the addicts?

    3. Especially when the facts of the interview are false.. Why don’t all you believers call the Mud Creek Clinic and find out when Dr. Salazar started at the clinic…. I think you’ll find its not as early as Krissy is advising… I apppreciate what you are trying to do here but you are going about it in the wrong way! Facts are Facts lets get to the bottom of it and start showing the truth instead of glorifying a criminal that deserves to be behind bars!

      1. He started at the clinic in 2006. I have the documents to prove it and I will post the link later when I have time . Its public record. Her timeline actually matched up almost perfect when I researched it . I have called Mud Creek many times and asked to speak with Doran or Salazar but have been told they have no comment . Your right the truth WILL all come out in the end 🙂 Do you really think I would be posting this stuff if I didn’t research this for a long time and get my facts straight ?? I would be getting sued by 2 high paid doctors. Everything I say I have facts to back it up . Its not just Kristin I know about . She is only the tip of the iceburg .

      2. What is your concern? Concerned Citizen? The facts of this interview are not false. Were you there during this interview? So what your saying is, Kristin’s lied. I don’t think so!! Kristin has stated facts about a serious prescription drug problem not only with her but with many others like herself. With Kristin, I’m glad things turned out the way it did for her. It’s a tough hard lesson but I strongly believe she’s learned from this. Because if she wasn’t in jail right now…she wouldn’t be alive today. And she knows this. And for you and other non-believers out there to make claims that Amy is glorifying a criminal is a judgemental statement about Kristin. She’s not being glorified in any way. Kristin woke up to a rude awakening from her addiction. Kristin has and still is reaching out for help to better herself for her own future. Kristin has a long road ahead of her and yes there will be obstacles and road blocks along the way. But at least now…where she is…she’s learned how to get over those obstacles and road blocks in a positive way to keep moving ahead instead of falling down, She has the tools she needs for when she gets out into the real world, she has the resources and positive people to help her, positive places for her to go to when the going gets tough. I know she can do this, you want to know why…BECAUSE I BELIEVE SHE CAN DO THIS!! So as for the others like Kristin I hope the best for you, there is help but you have go for it! Amy has many, I’m sure, stories like Kristin’s. In my opinion, words can’t describe what Amy has and is doing for the many addicts out there. Amy had the guts to open up this can of worms and we WILL one day get to the bottom of this dying issue. But do you know what really CONCERNS ME about all of this? As Amy says the ones that get off scott free!! Those other 2 individuals that were with Kristin at this robbery are walking the streets claiming to be victims. And do you want to know what they’re doing now???? NOTHING!!!! They are just as guilty as Kristin. One difference here though…Kristin come clean, Kristin admitted to her wrong doings, Kristin took ownership, Kristin handed over all of those pills she robbed from the pharmacy. And one of these individuals was given a small amount of these pills for playing his part in this for his own needle addiction, he ends up in jail but he gets off free denying his role in this and pointed his finger at Kristin claiming it was all her doings. And where is this guy now and what is he doing??? Laughing at the court system and all involved and living his life like nothing happened. THIS CONCERNS ME! The other individual got really pissed off at Kristin because she turned in those pills to the police. He’s pissed because he didn’t have any food for his needle poking habit. And what is he doing now??? NOTHING!! He did the same as the other guy, he lied and dumped this all on Kristin, and he also laughed his way out of the court room, scott free wondering the streets crying poor me, poor me! And he’s also living his life like nothing happened, continuing his needle habit and selling. THIS CONCERNS ME!! Along with the many others like these 2 guys. This is what I’m concerned about. Kristin is changing her life for the better, and I commend her for this, and the many others like her that are making positive changes. I don’t commend people like these other 2 individuals that get out of jail and get back to the streets using and dealing. THIS is what we should be focusing more of our CONCERNS on!! Because those people are the true criminals.

  5. Boohoo…this is not about glorifing a criminal…this is about trying too help ppl get off of prescription drugs..this is not a easy habit too break i know this first hand cause my son is a prescription drug user and is trying too break the habit. Kristin good luck too you and your family i wish you all the best….

  6. wow so sad but we travil the roads smoth or rough and try to fix them as we go i dated this girl in high school god love you and good luck on your journey wish all the best 2 to u and your family! miss all my little buddys that gave up there lives 4 the buzz …r.i.p

  7. my nephew, and 3 of my friends children and I am talking children not even out of high school in the valley area died of over dosing in the kentville area and many more children will follow behind them I am sure, it’s fine that she decided to turn around once she got a taste of prison life, but don’t you think she should of done that when the pills she was dealing to young children that did kill them would and should have gave her a reality check and where is the criminal system in the right she robbed a drug store in which she openly admits she sold them on the street and she gets how much time. Everyone fight amongst yourself about if she will come out brand new or back to selling drugs to your children or people you love. Do you know where your teen age children are tonight probably sitting up in kentville with people just like her. If no one sees that the valley has a serious problem your all blind stop focusing on the little picture and do something about the big one pill addiction is taking over the valley and killing people we all care about and as long as you support the problem and the people who cause it your just as much to blame.

    1. One step at a time. Maybe it doesnt seem like anyones focusing on the big picture but Rome wasnt built in a day. Krissy is my sister. Yes she made mistakes and travelled down roads the majority of us havent. But the fact is she IS changing and wants to help others. im not saying what she did was right or asking for any sympathy for her-she deserved to be put in jail. ive even told her this. The valley is aware there is a drug problem and people are trying to help turn it around one small step, one person at a time.

      1. you wouild of have ratted her out you piece of shit and you should watch wat you say when you dont know anything were is your proff

  8. so…this is KRISTIN, from reading these comments, some of them disheartened me. Knowing just how much the poor decisions I’ve made have affected people I don’t even know. Also, I don’t know how one person can write something positive and then several comments later agree with a comment so negative. I know who I was, you all know who I was-I know who I am now and you don’t!! Doubt me if you will, I have nothing to prove to any of you but I will achieve my dreams. I am not and will not go back to that lifestyle that has caused me to lose my freedom but most importantly caused me pain by losing my children. I will NEVER turn my back on my babies again!! So say what you want and think what you think you’ll see soon enough that I’m somebody that nobody thought I could be!!

  9. The bottom line here is this…if some of you people truly knew who Kristin is…there wouldn’t be any negative comments about her.

    1. My comment wasn’t to bash anyone nor belittle anyone, and my comment wasn’t about knowing her my comment has to do with the fact criminal system is a joke and as a parent and as well as a relative who has lost a teenage nephew to the problem in this valley which I will state if it was such a concern for this province and town this interveiwer who wrote this wouldnt be focusing on a after 5 months I clean and everyone think different of me piece, they would be out helping take they rest of the problem of the street, don’t expect everyone to support the fact you are sober for 5 months and then come on here upset with the fact you have people who believe your full of it. Our babies are dead and coming from me as a parent if my child bought drugs from you, I would see to it I fought hard enough that you would have lots of time to get sober, you say pain of losing your children to what welfare, you knew better am I write. You want to feel pain talk to the mother of the children you sold drugs to then come on here and express yourself.

      1. I did this interview to show the general public how this is happening in the Annapolis Valley. You wouldn’t believe how many people tell me that the doctors are not over prescribing . I know Kristin is not the only one who has sold pills in the valley and Mud Creek is not the only place over prescribing . People need a relaity check though as to what is going on right under their noses. I have never condoned Kristin’s actions or said I feel bad she went to prison. This article was written along with 40 other ones I have written on this site about the prescription drug problem in the Annapolis Valley and across the world. I try really hard to focus on the many different aspects of this issue and this just happens to be one of them . I do agree with many of your statments about the problems in this area but will remain neutral on the argument between you and the dowling’s. I lost my brother Josh in March so I am just thankful Kristin has enough balls to admit what she did and try to tell people how she did wrong to help prevent others from doing what she did.

  10. And Mom no disrespect to you or your family, but the real bottom line is only your daughter can keep herself off of drugs and refrain from selling again and knowing her has nothing to do with the fact that she is always going to have judgement because of her actions. Do I believe her punishment does not fit what she did yes I do, do I believe that after 5 months a person can be changed and they will revert what they are doing no I strongly don’t. Please do not write back and tell me I don’t know what I am talking about or I don’t know her cause just like you said same to you you don’t know me. We all heard her voice, what about brandon’s, tyler’s , kirby’s and all the rest of the young we have lost from this problem. Where is their voice’s gone they are not coming back and she can’t tell me she didnt help with that.

  11. I strongly believe people can change their lives for the better and some people simply don`t. Kristin has and is making positive changes for herself and it`s unfortunate she`s had to learn a hard valuable lesson the way it happened. I know alot of other individuals who have changed their lives around for the better because of an addiction. I am one of those other individuals. And yes…this will follow us for the rest of our lives. One has to have faith and hope because there are better days ahead. Know one forced us into our addictions, we made that choice. Just like the ones that have lost their lives to addictions…no one made them take those drugs, that was their choice. And I also strongly believe that Kristin wasn`t the cause of these deaths, she didn`t kill these people. And also…she wasn`t the only one dealing these pills

  12. It’s nice you delete messages from me i am allowed my voice too and you say we don’t know her you don’t know who does and who don’t

    1. I am not going to have that kind of name calling and drama on my website . Inbox her on FB or something . I dont mind people having opinions but do it respectfully. I didnt delete anything … all comments need to be approved and I was going to approve that ! Im Sorry

      1. By the way if you have not noticed my brother was one of those 5 boys , I have HUGE ammounts of anger but try and funnel it in a productive way. I am not saying ” poor kristin ” . My brother is dead !! Think about it?? You actually think im doing this for Kristin to get a pity party?? First time I ever met Kristin was when I went to watch her court date because of my interest in this cause. I am not doing this to take her accountability away . I am doing this interview to show the public that we do have doctors over prescribing and drug dealers are taking advantage of this opportunity . Me and Kristin have became friends since she has been in jail and I have all the optimisim that she can do this if she wants it .If she screws up and doesnt follow through then open your mouth ! Until then its not going to help anything to bully her online . At least she went to jail !! Look at the others who get off on all their charges . Why are you not complaining about them walking the streets free??

  13. It hasn’t been 5 months it’s going on 9, and I’m not justifying my actions to anybody! FYI…I DID NOT KNOW ANY OF THOSE YOUNG BOYS WHO OVERDOSED SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU POINT FINGERS AT SUCH A SERIOUS SITUATION!

  14. bully her online!!!!By Saying what others feel !!!That’s a bit rude We would say If anything yes everyone hopes she bulls though this Drugs are a bad thing …I once worked with your Brother and he was the best guy i ever meet And he was so funny and great to be around :)I just get upset to And i will not inbox who ever your telling me to inbox I would not have contact with whome ever!!!!I see everyone on this comment page has there own words And with out it getting out there and said Well i guess this page is false

    1. Your allowed to have an opinion but some of the names you were calling Kristin and her Mother were inappropriate in my eyes for this article and this is my site . I want to stay out of this but I have to draw the line somewhere . I am not saying how you feel is wrong , nobody can tell you how to feel. I just dont want people reading that type of stuff on my site . Sorry if that offends you

      1. I was not trying to offend you or your brother nor anyone I was just speaking my mind and nor did i call any one anything ….I am a strong supporter of what you are doing here And as fare as The name Mom trying to bash my family because she thinks she knows me ….Well that goes to say that she’s talking crap she don’t know ….And this is not the place for her to be bad mouthing family’s she don’t know as she states in her comment as well its a place to support I was never saying i don’t want her better Because I wish her all the best :)I was stating what everyone said about being clean for 5 months or so be it what ever how long its been ……I hope the best for her And I will not have some lady named Mom come on here like she thinks she knows me i come from a great Welthy family who we had not had this happen …But none of that madders …What madders are the ones in need of help out there who do not have it …I will no longer post in this ad ….My father works in theses area’s and He supports it as well But after him reading That Mom Post he will no longer be allowing this opinion ….From this family on here ….Good luck Amy And your brother will always be watching and helping you on this great Journey 🙂

  15. Hello Amy. Thank you! You know it`s really sad to see this happen. I`m glad you have this web site. And I know there are others similar to this but I just haven`t found them yet. But I will. This to me is like another support system, to share experiences, to help each other and also a place to meet and make new friends. And we need more of this. But to see how some people just scope out these sites for their own selfish petty reasons and to point and call names to my daughter and I, that`s really bold. But directly at my daughter and I. You have the audacity to do this behind our backs but never to our faces. Yes Kay, I`m directing this at you! Who do you think you are? What rite do you have to make those comments about us. I’m not what you said I was and that’s not what my daughter is. It’s obvious YOU DON’T know who we are. But Kristin and I know who you are…and your family. We’ve both known you guys since 1995, Kristin mostly. And to see and to hear how you and your family call Kristin your friend and be all nice to her one minute and then turn around and lash out the way you did to Kristin and her mother. It’s plain and clear to me to see the many issuses you and your family have. Just take a good hard look at your own lives before you go lash out at other peoples lives. And I want you to clearly understand one thing…if I ever read or hear any more trash talk about Kristin and I online or otherwise…YOU WILL BE REPORTED!! This is a privilege to go online…I’ll have yours revoked for good if this ever happens again. It’s people like you that try and ruin a good thing for others who are trying to better themselves.

  16. you do not know me….. I DO know her …. ….And SORRY if i’m not who you think i am …..And sorry but the comment was not that bad !… your self have on here you were once on drugs yourself …And others read this as well I have always had a good life thank you :)And i am sorry your girl has gone this way and maybe she will get better .But thinking you know me and Putting shit on here about my background I go to collage my family comes from lots of money and Sorry we have not had this happen in my life… But i have worked with Amy’s brother …This is not all about your girl ,And other across the valley know her like we all do …And for you to say you will report me…Like to know for what …I am speaking out just like anyone else …So for her sack I hope she does better herself …And for you I hope you can change your ways of talking on this website to others you think you know but don’t ..Thank you for reading Kristin get better and have a good life in 2012 🙂 And also mom you have (I’m not what you said I was and that’s not what my daughter is. It’s obvious YOU DON’T know who we are. )SO HOW DO YOU SAY THINGS ABOUT MY FAMILY MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE REPORTED FROM ONLINE I know who my Daddy is and he would say the same too you

    1. Kay ,

      Thank you for your support . Like I said everyone is allowed to have their opinion . I just didnt approve of those comments because It puts me in the middle and makes me have to decided what is ok and what crosses the line. We can just all agree to dis agree on somethings ! I hope we can all focus on the end goal and work together 🙂

  17. Kay, I was simply defending my daughter and myself from very harsh comments said about us. And you justify yourself with information that is totally irrelevant in this matter and all that information doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is the harsh comments. You say you don’t know me…that’s fine…don’t comment negative things about me then. As for the comment said about her…there was no need for that derogatory remark. And this concerns me a great deal. You seem to be confused as to whether or not you support her. One moment you agree with her and come back with positive comments with smiley faces and what have you. The next moment you agree with other peoples comments the are negative. Kristin needs positive people in her life now. She’s made a complete 360 degree turn for herself and that’s the way her is going. She’s going to be coming home soon and I and some of her positive friends are going to see to it that she holds on to her positive support system. And people that are negative and confused are NOT going to be a part her support system or a part of her life for that matter. And yes…I do know who her true friends are!!

  18. All i have to say is….. i agree with whom i think is telling the truth in this madder !!! If you don’t like what i write don’t read it…. And do not check what i am liking or not liking !..I will say to you Mom your her support Team NOW !!!!WHY DID YOU ALLOW IT TO GO THIS FARE You as her mother should have BEEN THERE IN THE PAST TO STOP IT NOT HELP.Like i said i do hope she gets though this and i have said that over and over …..You are commenting and fighting with everyone who leaves messages …Go and read what you say to others …I really would not want you as my support team thanks :)Good luck

    1. I always was her support trying to help her out of this. And I always will be. But it was the people she was with. That was her choice. I don`t controll or own Kristin, she`s in controll of her own life. I never allowed anything to get anywhere, I never forced her into the life she had. Why blame me for a problem that others played a role in. Kristin is doing just fine now, she`s leaving her past behind her because the important thing is who she is TODAY!! Throwing someones past in their face doesn`t help. Let go of it!! If you can`t, maybe you should get help with it. I`m not fighting with anyone, and never wanted to for that MATTER!! But I will stand up for what my beliefs are. Kristin`s alway did and always will come to me for help. And she only has a handful of positive people left to turn for help also, and it looks like your not going to be one of these individuals. SORRY, JUST SAYING!! Ya, I do read what I write on here…and I`m proud of it! You want to know why? I’m proud that I can stand up to people like you that are trying to knock us good hearted people down. So stop what your trying to do because it’s not going to work on me…EVER!! God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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