2 thoughts on “Leo Glavine Questions N.S. Minister Of Health On Valley Methadone Waitlist

  1. Thank you Mr. Glavine,,,Stephen George is my nephew, and he has been fighting to be clean for months now, by himself..
    As a family member, you cannot imagine how difficult it is to know that he has no resources, and no one in his corner,,tonight I shall sleep for the first time in months knowing that you’re fighting for him..
    Words cannot express how relieved we are to have this knowledge and support for him.
    Kathleen Waldon

  2. Sadly Nova Scotia is still very much behind the times in educating their physicans on drug abuse and treatment of pain. Further more there is even less resources available to deal with the root causes of drug abuse. Sadly the methadone clinics currently being run in the province are not treatment programs for the addicting they are simply treating the withdrawl symptoms. Which makes me very skeptical that their system will get better especially when you hear that in NS it takes only 2 days to for phsycians to be trained to prescrib methadone, even more skeptical because methadone is slowing being phased out and burpenorphine is being replaces as the side effects and withdrawl are much less than that of methadone, although it can only be used on patients that are truely willing to take control of their health as it is a very strong drug which mixed with certain drugs and alcohol can result in death. Many outpatient detox clinic are finding much suggess with this treatment, but only in clinics where there is mental health treatment along with the aid of drugs to help with the withdrawl.

    The Annapolis Valley needs to have a town hall meeting involving, all primary care physicans, hospitalists, detoxilogists, pharmacists, police and schools. They need someone that has a better understanding of drug abuse, primarily prescription drug abuse (which seems to be a huge problem in the valley). There also needs to be a standard provincal protocol for prescribing opiod drugs. With education these care givers are able to pass on their knowledge help prevent and treat those with substance abuse problems. There seems to be a misconception that people take prescription drugs because they are in acute pain and will stop when that pain stops but that is not always the case, the body can get addicted to the drug and the withdrawl symptoms can be to much to handle for even the strongest people, and there are the people that start to deal with their emotional pain that will never end without learning how to make it end that which takes a lot of counseling and willingness to want to deal with those emotional issues. Until that time we still will have the ignorant doctors that either will not prescribe opiods to any patient (including those who need it) and the physicans that prescribe opiods to anybody without doing proper examination and testing of potential for abuse of the drugs prescribed.

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