Government released this today :

HEALTH/WELLNESS–Campaign Warns of Dangers of Mixing Alcohol, Prescription Drugs
The province is taking steps to raise awareness about the dangers of mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.

 The Department of Health and Wellness launched a province-wide advertising campaign this week to warn Nova Scotians about the risks of drinking and taking prescription drugs. The ads provide a phone number and website to get help.

 “The sad reality is that Nova Scotians have died as a result of taking prescription drugs with alcohol,” said Health and Wellness Minister Maureen MacDonald. “Public education is just one step the province is taking to address this problem. We want to make it very clear this is a potentially lethal mix. The campaign is intended to boost awareness and show Nova Scotians how to easily find help.”

The public education campaign was promised in May as part of the province’s response to a report on drug-related deaths in the Annapolis Valley from Medical Officer of Health Dr. Richard Gould.

 The five-month campaign will reach Nova Scotians through television, print and theatre ads.

 “Prevention is a critical part of addressing problematic drug use, and public education is one of a number of approaches we are pursuing,” said Ms. MacDonald. “Those who are at risk and those who are concerned about a loved one need to have the right tools and information to identify that there’s a problem and access the treatment options available.”

 Nova Scotians who may be struggling with drug abuse, or who would like advice on how to help a friend or loved one, can call 811 or visit for more information and help.

This is honestly the best thing they could come up with?! Comparing prescription drug abuse to mixing paint colors?? First of all the ad  makes it look like the problem here is mixing drugs with alcohol not simply by abusing them on their own. Does the provincial government honestly believe this is going to be a deterrent to anyone especially young people?? This commercial cannot even be taken seriously . No facts given , no helpful information , no shock value ,  just PAINT????!!!!! What a waste of money this was. A for effort that’s about it . F in creating education and awareness !


  1. You Got To Be Kidding !!!!!! Why don’t they show something real…… Joshua’s story ????? This add is BAD !!!!!

  2. oh my..,,,how dissapointing ..they couldnt come up with something better than this?? Is this really supposed to make people think?? Wow

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