In Memory of Joshua Adam Graves

My brother Josh Graves who turned 21 November 2nd had just moved home from Alberta in February. I had had a son last December and he wanted to be home to watch him grow up. Josh LOVED kids  . He had a great job that he loved and just bought a new car and was looking into getting a mortgage.  He was truly on top of the world!! Friday March 19th 2011 he decided to go to a house party and have some beers . Apparently there was more than beers at this house party , there were dillaudid. Josh might have experimented years ago but I know he didn’t even smoke pot . Someone said he took some of the pills that were at the party. Josh went home fell asleep and never woke up. he was found the next day . The autopsy showed absolutely nothing . He was healthy as a horse . Just one small choice ended his life and opportunities forever. I want to be mad at the people who gave them to him but I really can’t blame them . How are all these young people getting such strong prescription drugs so easily. It is cheaper to buy pills than it is to buy a pack of smokes. This means there is a large supply on the streets. This means there is an  issue on how these drugs are being prescribed . It should not be so easy to get them and there should be more education and awareness put on this issue !! We can’t just keep sweeping these problems under the rug. We need to be brave and change the system.

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