Letters To Government

Letter To Ramona Jennex , The Minister Of Education About RX Drug Abuse Education in Local Schools

From: Amy Graves [mailto:amygraves@mail.com]
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 9:42 AM
To: ramonajennexmla@bellaliant.com
Subject: Rx Drug Education In Nova Scotia Schools


Dear Ms. Jennex ,

I have been emailing you since the summer of 2011 about the prescription drug problem in the Annapolis Valley and Nova Scotia . I received only one reply and that was January 19th 2012. In your reply you stated :

“Thank you for bringing this film to my attention. Overtaken is a powerful documentary.

I have asked English Program Services staff to initiate a review to determine if Overtaken is an appropriate curriculum resource.”

I have had yet to hear anything since . Educating the youth is a key factor in prevention and making responsible informed decisions. Since I first wrote you in the Summer of 2011 I personally know of 4 prescription drug overdoses in the area involving people age 25 and younger , one did not survive and another is physically handicapped. These are just the cases I know personally . I cannot imagine how many other young people overdose on a weekly basis in the Province of Nova Scotia from prescription drugs. I know on a weekly basis sounds like a lot , because it is ! I know the government has all this information at their fingertips but don’t make the public aware for fear of actually having to do something about it .

I take your lack of involvement quite personally actually . You were a beloved elementary teacher at the school I attended, you taught while all my brothers and sister attended there. I went to high school with your children . You even attended Josh’s wake and saw first hand the amount of grief this has caused many families in our area. I thought getting the young population educated would be one of the governments top priorities but sadly I was wrong . It has been over one year since this issue has came to the public light and not one measure has been taken inside our public schools to inform youth on the dangers of prescription drugs. If there has been , you certainly have not told the public. I get asked by parents everyday why their kids are not learning about this stuff in school . Brandon Wentzell died Feb. 6th 2012 in Bridgewater N.S. from combining dilaudid and alcohol. He was only 19 years old. This is not just a Annapolis Valley issue . It is a provincial issue that needs to be addressed by the Minister of Education. Not just the Health and Justice Ministers.

Sincerely ,

Amy Graves

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