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Two Avonport residents have been arrested following a drug seizure.The RCMP Synthetic Drug Unit executed a warrant Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. on Oak Island Road residence arresting a 35-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman.  Police seized 50 prescription pills, ten pounds of shake, as well as a small quantity of crack, hash, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  During the search, RCMP also located a quantity of unidentified pills and powders, which have been sent for analysis.

A Kentville resident was arrested Dec. 10 after Kings County Street Crime Enforcement Unit – consisting of members from the Kentville Police Service and Kings Detachment of the RCMP – executed a search warrant.The search of a Kentville residence led to seizure of prescription pills, methadone, with a street value of $2,000, and drug paraphernalia.The individual was released on order to appear in court on a later date to face charges of drug possession and possession for the purposes of trafficking.

A 16-year-old boy is facing charges following a robbery with violence Dec. 6 in Greenwood.The boy hailed a cab and asked the driver to stop at a fast food restaurant before asking for money.When the cab driver refused, he stabbed him and fled taking the car. Police located the youth in Middleton.The teen was charged with robbery with a weapon, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and failure to comply with a court order. The police and media fail to mention that this young man was a prescription drug addict and needed addiction treatment.

All this has taken place in less than a week in our small community of the Annapolis Valley. The government can hand out all the methadone they like . If they do not address the issue of availability of these strong narcotics new addicts will keep being produced causing further strain on our healthcare and justice systems. Every month there are prescription pill busts in the Annapolis Valley where very large amounts of controlled substances are found. These are not drugs that are imported or made in someones basement . These drugs that are being trafficked on our local streets are being prescribed by local doctors! In the Gould report which was released in May 2011 it states :

“Both Chief Mander and the RCMP confirmed that they have found evidence of the diversion for abuse of prescriptions for opiates and other controlled substances (benzodiazepines) in AVDHA. Based on police information, for the most part, pills appear to be diverted to an illicit market in a variety of ways from prescriptions received and filled by patients within AVDHA. This is in contrast to Cape Breton where prescription drugs are often imported from outside of the region or province.”

So that being said , when are we going to get to the root of this issue?? The easy access and over prescribing ! The police have no problem slapping the cuffs on addicts or patients that are dealing but what about the doctors?? These highly trained and well paid professionals need to have some accountability don’t they?? How can street dealers continue to keep such large supplies of prescription drugs if our doctors are prescribing properly? Why are the police stopping the investigation once they get the street dealer in custody? Why are the police not trying to track that prescription right back to the pad it was written from and if they are then why haven’t any doctors been held accountable?? We will be fighting a losing battle on addictions treatment if we are creating addicts faster than we can treat them .  THINK ABOUT IT !

“The experience with opiate related sudden deaths is supported by the trends identified in treatment service data collected by AVDHA Addictions Services. From 2007/8 to 2010/11 the number and percentage of opiate treatment issues have risen from 141 (6.38%) to 218 (12.33%).” – GOULD REPORT MAY 2011



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