Why Can’t Middleton Detox Get It Together??

A young man I know has been on Annapolis Valley Healths waiting list for methadone for a month now. Last night when he could not get any pills or methadone and began to withdrawal him and his family reached out for help again . They called Middleton Detox hoping to get him into a safe place where his withdrawal symptoms could be managed until he could receive his counselling and methadone. After calling the Middleton Detox this young man was told they were full and the wait time could be a few days up to 1 month. His mother asked ” well what can I do ?? Where can I take him?? ” They told her if he was that bad he could go to outpatients to see a doctor. On the Department of Health and Wellness website they say the Middleton detox wait time is 0-4 days . How can this be??  I have heard many stories of people waiting weeks to a month just to get into detox. I have also been told that people get into detox based on the severity of their withdrawal symptoms . I urge you to watch the video below and tell me these symptoms are not severe enough for detox services! Why doesn’t Lunenburg have these issues??? I get complaint after complaint about Middleton then hear what a great detox service Lunenburg has. When is AVH going to address that our detox at Soldiers Memorial is not working !! We are wasting money on a service that is not serving the need of the public . Why can’t Middleton get it right? Just because it worked 15 years ago does not mean the same will work now. Silly excuse to say ” this is the way it’s always been done” . Maybe the problem is the same as the excuse……





4 thoughts on “Why Can’t Middleton Detox Get It Together??

  1. Another great post Amy,

    It’s just not right morally or ethically that this young man is being denied these essential services and it makes you question whether or not the people managing Middleton have any compassion at all for those in need of these services.

    This detox center needs to be investigated and proper management needs to be put in place.

    That will manage it properly and with compassion to meet the needs of the community.

    Keep up the great work Amy 🙂

  2. Truly a shame that this young man could not get the essential service he needed. As angry as I was to see this young man suffering this way, I think I was more enraged by the voice of the man in the background asking how’s that oxycontin working out for ya….we know not the struggles of others or why they use , but to judge this young man does not define HIS character, but defines yours. I hope this young man was able to beat this habit. I struggle with addiction myself….tobacco and trying to kick this habit has proven to be incredibly difficult, I can’t imagine what other addictions, drug or alcohol ….. things that make you feel good, allow you to escape realities would be like. All I can say is if at first you don’t succeed…..try, try and try again, that’s all I can do to try and quit smoking.

    1. The boy in the video was a fellow advocates son’s withdrawl to opiates. Not the same boy who couldn’t get in . I used the video to show symptoms of opiate withdrawl. The detox said that the opiate addicts are lower priority to alcoholics because withdrawls are not life threatening . Still no excuse to have parents have to deal with their kids un equipped with the tools to help their child. There is only 6 detox beds for the entire Annapolis Valley . The boy who called me was begging for help , crying , and desperate for help.

      1. That just tells you how uneducated the stadd are at these detox centres. Opiod withdrawl actually more life threatening as alcohol withdrawl, especially in those that are addicts as they were more likely to be taking more than the recommended dose therefore their withdrawl symptoms can be more severe than those taking it as prescribed. Opiods depress the bodies symptoms more than alcohol especially the respitory and circulator systems, which is why without proper weaning of the drug heart problems can occur, some as mild as angina, to an arrthymia but all too often especially in young people they suffer a heart attack (often deadly).

        The AVRHA is overall miss informed about medicine in general which is why there is little done to help people when they are in trouble and even less done to prevent health problems. I remember in school (wolfville Jr & horton) the only talks about drugs where that they were bad dont do them. There was no education on how drugs actually effect the body and ones health and there sure was not any education on withdrawl, sadly though there was no education about getting addicted to prescription opiods. The citizens of the AVRHA need to demand better health care, maybe it is time to occupy the hospitals, and health ministers home demanding better care and better education.

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