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Dirty Needles Found In Kings County , Yes It Happens HERE!

 Since 2008 there have been 39 reports of found syringes or needles in Kings County. These include lost/found items, crime scenes, public washrooms, Public places ,misplaced garbage and vacated apartments / houses . In some cases the use is medical. – July 13th 2011

B.D.(Blair) MacMurtery, Cst.

Kings District R.C.M.P.

Community Policing

This means the police have been called about once a month to dispose of dirty needles. This stat is of course a low ball statistic.A lot of times needles are not reported to the police or properly disposed of. This is a serious public safety issue. If a child ever came in contact with a used syringe and got poked they would be susceptible to all the diseases the person had who was shooting up.

Here are some facts about injeccted drugs in Atlantic Canada:

Participants in this environmental scan were aware of a number of different types of drugs being injected across Atlantic Canada. As in the 2000 study, Dilaudid and cocaine were the drugs identified as those most commonly injected. The majority of the participants (84% or n = 81) reported that Dilaudid was being injected in their communities

In both the 2000 and 2005 environmental scans, interviewees were asked to identify the top drugs of choice for people who inject in their communities. Consistent with the data about awareness of types of drugs being used, as reported above, Dilaudid and cocaine/crack were identified as the first drugs of choice by many respondents in 2005. These drugs of choice are the same as reported in the 2000 study. A notable difference from the 2000 environmental scan is that OxyContin was most often named as the drug of second or third choice after Dilaudid in 2005, while in 2000 the most commonly cited drug of second and third choice after Dilaudid was cocaine/crack.

Noted by several interviewees in the 2005 study is discomfort with the term “drugs of choice.” It was suggested that there is often no choice involved in which drug is injected, but rather it is an issue of access. In many communities, it appears that the choice of drugs is limited by the available supply, so the term “drug of choice” may be inaccurate. Many key informants in the 2005 study noted that people will “inject whatever they can get their hands on,” a perspective validated by a cocaine assessment study conducted in Nova Scotia.

“People are injecting in public places – outdoors (parks, behind buildings, in alleys, parking lots), public washrooms (like at Tim Hortons, night clubs, bars, or in gas stations), in vehicles – and I’ve seen people inject on the street. You didn’t see that before. Now IDU is very open – there are now shooting galleries or “crack shacks” where people congregate to shoot up, in the same room, rooming houses or apartments, like a group activity.”

– Study Interviewee



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