• Information obtained from Chief Mander and Dr. Bowes confirmed that several deaths related to drug abuse are documented each year in the Annapolis Valley. Data provided by the Chief Medical Examiner shows that 14 sudden deaths in 2010 in AVDHA are under investigation. Investigation has been concluded in 5 of these deaths and all are classified as being drug related. In two of the deaths evidence of opiate use was documented (along with other prescription drugs). Toxicology results and final classification are pending for remaining 9 cases.
  • Both Chief Mander and the RCMP confirmed that they have found evidence of the diversion for abuse of prescriptions for opiates and other controlled substances (benzodiazepines) in AVDHA. Based on police information, for the most part, pills appear to be diverted to an illicit market in a variety of ways from prescriptions received and filled by patients within AVDHA.  Gould Report May 2011


Ok , so this being said , what are the police doing to help?? I see they make a few  busts on the radio and recover a few bottles of pills from the street every few weeks but what about tracing these pills back to the prescription itself ! I have not heard of a single doctor being disciplined since this issue hit the media in March 2011. If these prescriptions are being diverted from Annapolis Valley Health physicians than WHICH ONES?? Especially when they are called to a sudden death where drugs may be involved why are they not trying to find out where these people got the drugs to kill themselves!? We are never going to fix this problem unless we get to the SOURCE of the problem and stop be REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE.

My brother died of an accidental overdose of dillaudid and alcohol. He did not have a prescription for dillaudid so how did he get it in his system?? Is it not the police’s responsibility to investigate how this narcotic ended up in my brothers system and into the hands of other young people who did not need it. The drug dealer who was selling these pills at the party has never been questioned to this day and neither has anyone from that party. The pill Josh took that night was DIVERTED from a LEGAL PRESCRIPTION . Most likely those drugs are still being diverted into the streets because the police have never investigated the source of the diverted prescription. My brother had no history of drug addiction and no criminal record. For all the police knew at the scene Josh could have been poisoned . He had been laying in the bed of an addiction counsellor’s home from the time he went to sleep until 3pm the next day !! He had been dead for MANY HOURS when the police arrived so why was the area not taped off and treated like a crime scene?? They have NEVER investigated where those drugs came from to this day !

After my experience with the police and knowing 14 other people possibly died a drug related death last year in Annapolis Valley it really makes me wonder. I can only imagine how awful those families must feel if their loved one who died was treated the same way as my brother . A piece of garbage . The police did not even call my family to tell us Josh had passed away . My doctor was not notified of Josh’s death until I went for an appointment weeks later and realized he had no idea!! How can this happen?? How can people care so little??? I have come to the realization the police are ALL TALK AND NO ACTION.




3 thoughts on “POLICE – ALL TALK NO ACTION

  1. The police simply don’t have the resources in
    doing the investigation needing done // in all
    matters even the most pressing cases / death
    of individuals under suspicious circumstances
    many of such cases related unto illegal drugs.

    One can understand your need in finding one
    whom to blame / as in giving some answers to
    such wrongful passing of human being / being
    that friend / or family member /with the added
    unanswered questions as to / why / how /such
    a sad unwanted event having come in passing.

    It a sad fact many in the their gain of monetery
    profit will deal in illegal drugs // not taking unto
    account the suffering such brings to individuals
    those taking such illegal drugs / unto the many
    whom suffer the loss of a friend /family member.

  2. I am currious Amy what does the college of physicians and prescriptions licencing board have to say about the Rx drug problem in the valley? The province may have very possibly tied the hands of the RCMP preventing them from investigating these doctors on illegal prescribing of drugs. I think it is time we demand more accountablity from our doctors and the nova scotia college of physicans and surgerons, demand a more compreshensive control prescribing control board, have more education for physicans on pain control. As it stands veterarians have more education on pain management than human doctors, they are also taught more about compassion and empathy. We need to demand more from of colleges of physicans and medical schools. Due to the high number of recreational Rx floating around I think it is time that the opiod prescribing regulations be put in to practices, have all patients in pain requiring opiods to pain their pain have to give urine samples prior to being prescribed opiods and during the first 8 weeks of taking opiods, the opiods should be only be prescribing ititally on a weekly bases as one for most people with chronic acute pain they will need drug moditication. In conjunction with x-rays, cat scans and MRIs all patients given anything stronger than tylenol 3 should be required to have SPECT Scan which is the only scan yet available to show pain, as one can have a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative scoliosis, spondylothesis but actually not have an ounce of pain but will let on that they do in order to get opiods. Also doctors need to educate themselves and their patients on the purpose of opiods in pain managment. There is a misconception that opiods are meant for illiminating pain, where as they were designed to help people MANAGE their pain, lessen a persons pain only to the extent where they are able to work and/or go to school. In conjunction with those drugs and more importantly (in my mind) there also need counseling on how to emotionally manage the pain. I remember when I was 13 when I first started to experience chronic pain the emotional aspect of it is what dragged me down, it was that depression from the pain and inability to do all the things I wanted to (that everyone else my age was doing) is what lead to drinking and abusing my prescriptions. As I have seen and lost people over the years that had substance abuse issues, I have realized it was no the abuse of substances that killed them but it was the depression that lead them to those substances that resulted in their demise. We (society as a whole) need to realize that it is the mind that we need to fx before we can even think about fixing the mind. (Sorry about the rambling)

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