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Today was a sad day for me and my family . Almost as bad as March 19th 2011 , the day my brother Josh passed from an accidental overdose to a combination of alcohol and the prescription drug dillaudid. We have been waiting for 6mths to get Josh’s toxicology back to prove what we had suspected. Yesterday was the day we had been waiting for so long . Yesterday was the day all our suspicions had been confirmed. The ONLY things in my brothers system the night he fell asleep and never woke up was alcohol and dillaudid.  I called my local police station this afternoon thinking they would be starting their investigation on where these drugs came from that my brother took that night. Boy was I wrong ! The officer informed me that now they had completed the medical examiners report Josh’s case was closed.  No man – slaughter charges , no negligence charges , not even a trafficking charge. All of a sudden this closure I had been searching for was destroyed in that second.

The police were called twice by a concerned neighbor the night of the party begging them to break it up. Nothing was done ! Most of the kids at this “pill party” were under the legal drinking age and many were on legal conditions . I always thought the police were there to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty. My brother Josh made a bad decision and paid with his LIFE . The boy who sold him the drugs has had ZERO consequences for his actions and continues to sell this poison as we speak .  If  i am talking on my cell phone while driving and hit someone by accident I can be charged with negligence but if I want to sell prescription pills at a party , no big deal ! How do you deter people from selling drugs if there is no consequences. You get in more trouble if your not wearing a seat belt !!

I feel the police did not do a proper investigation and now they need to cover their tracks. The police did not treat the area as a crime scene . They emptied my brothers pockets and gave his things to my other brother on the scene before checking ANY OF IT !! They did not even go through his cell phone to see if who he had contact with before his death. Nobody except the people at the scene the next day were interviewed. The person who sold the pill to my brother along with his sidekick girlfriend have never even been QUESTIONED. The other people who attended the party have not been questioned either. Josh deserved at the very LEAST a proper investigation of his death. He was NOT prescribed dillaudid so how did it get in his system?? I know , the police know , but Josh is the only one paying the price for MANY peoples poor judgement as well as his own.


26 thoughts on “NO JUSTICE FOR JOSH

  1. Great Post, my heart is with you and your family Amy. I can’t even imagine what you been through and what your going through now. I want you and your family to know that I support all of you and I will continue to fight this fight with you. Until someone is held accountable for Josh’s death and all the other people who have died.

    Don’t ever give up and hold your head high because you have accomplished so much over the last 6 mths and everyone who supports you, are so proud and we will continue to support and help you in anyway we can.

    Hugs , Your friend always Brian

  2. It is so hard to read this because the truth really does hurt. If only somebody would have taken initiative to consider the factors in my brother’s death but no. Case open, case closed. You are doing such a great job Amy and I am so proud of you! Love always! ❤ xoxo

  3. can’t believe that the case is closed………wtf??? Someone has to be held responsible for “helping” Josh with the worst decision of his life!!!!!!!!

  4. crazy thing is on the “channel guide” buddy says that pill od’s out weigh car crashes now by like 80 percent…………………………sad! We need help for this problem….like yesterday!!!!

    1. and Amy you have to think….I have never heard anything about prescription abuse till you started stirring up the pot…like for buddy on the “channel guide ” to be talking about pill abuse…You are making a statement……………a huge statement…I had an addictions pamphlet in my flyers in the mail the other day too….again your work is doing wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are wrong in one statement only Amy, Josh is NOT the only person who has paid for the decisions made by many that night, YOU, YOUR FAMILY & JOSH’S FRIENDS are all paying a terrible price!! Don’t get discouraged by this, let this fuel your fire! You have been moving mountains for months now & I believe (as do many) that you have stirred up something that those of greater power than you & I are working very hard to hide! Keep up the fight if for no other reason to help other families so they do not go through the same tragic experience you & your family will have to live with for the rest of your lives & to hopefully save the life of another unsuspecting “Josh”.

    My heart goes out to you & your family Amy. Josh would be so proud to know that his family has the strength to fight for him!!

  6. My heart breaks for you and your family. I too lost a close family member to drugs this way. It’s hurts every day. You always wonder if there was something, anything, you could have done to prevent it from happening. However, I do not share your opinion of responsibility. It is YOUR opinion, as it is the opinion of many others, and you have every right to have it so please don’t begin the hate mail for me expressing my opinion as well.

    When people take these drugs, they know very well the risks involved. They just choose to believe it will never happen to them. I agree that more needs to be done to prevent drug trafficking but let the responsibility lay where it should – with the individual who knowingly took the drugs.

    Why would the police treat the area as a crime scene? Why would they check his belongings? Why would they go through his cell phone to see who he had contact with before his death? What difference would that make? What would ANY of that accomplish? They know what happened, you know what happened. I completely understand that in this terrible time you need someone to be angry at, someone to blame. I’m just so tired of a society that cannot take responsibility for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault, if someone would have helped, if someone would have stepped in, if there were more free programs, etc. People need to take responsibility for their lives and their actions. Sadly, your brother paid the ultimate price.

    1. A crime was commited !! Ilegal trafficking of a controlled substance ! My brother did not have a prescription and neither did the drug dealer. The police’s job is to investigate a sudden death . When they showed up at the scene he was a dead 21 year old in a basement. You can’t just assume , oh this stupid kid must have taken drugs . How do we know Josh even took this knowingly ?? They have never even interviwed anyone ! They just assumed and police are not suppose to assume.

    2. By the way I think Josh took enough responsibility ! WITH HIS LIFE !! Nobody else has taken any … If josh got into a car with a drunk driver the driver would still be charged ! Its just because it was drugs people think he was not worthy …. disgusting

      1. “By the way I think Josh took enough responsibility ! WITH HIS LIFE !! “….. Exactly, so how about we stop trying to manufacture more responsibility where there is none? As if this guy killed your brother… Drug laws have nothing to do with this and should have nothing to do with this; drug laws are arbitrary and irrational. You simply see a ‘trafficking’ law as a convenient way of vindication for your brother’s death… a way of punishing someone who is not even morally responsible.

        In this day and age of unaccountable pussies, criminal liability does not hardly ever = moral responsibility

    3. Hi Amy, I just want to let you know that I am saddened and angry that they closed this case, there are people spewing these poisons out into our communities everyday, ripping apart families and causeing death and destruction along the way, they need to be held responsible, if someone dies as a result of another person giving or selling them “their” prescription meds then they should be charged with man-slaughter or murder. First off it is illegal to share or sell your prescription mediciation, it plainly states that on the bottle, if these laws would become tougher then we might see a change. I am so proud of you, I know this is a hard blow but we never know what lies for us around the corner, I know your brother is very proud of you and so many others are too. You’ve took tragedy and turned it into knowledge and hope, people can’t change what they don’t acknowledge, and by you educating so many ppl it will change lives. Much love and prayers to you and your family. Your a special person Amy, you will be Blessed for all that your doing. I’m so sorry that this is the news you had to wake up to today.

    4. I just wanted to reply to what Kimmy said in the above statement. I am a recoverying addict first and foremost, second I lost my husband to this disease and an uncle. I am fighting to save others and I am dealing with my brother who is addicted and in bad shape. What happened to Amy’s brother is a crime, when you obtain a prescription and do not use it as directed that’s a crime, when you sell a prescription with your name on it or give anyone any of your medication that’s a crime. So where does the responsibility lie with the dealer? The one who went to a doctor to obtain a prescription of narcotics to take out on the streets in our communities and sell these drugs to others? They shouldn’t take any responsibility? They shouldn’t be punished? It would make a difference if people that are selling these pills on the streets were to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if someone died as a result of the medication that got sold to them. There was a crime scene here, more than one, there were under age kids drinking, there were ppl partaking in illegal drug use and people were calling in telling the police about it and nothing was done, her brother did pay the biggest price of all, he paied with his life, so in the above statement your making it sound like nothing should be done when someone passed away from an illegal exchange? The drug in his system isn’t something you can just walk to the store and get, you have to go to the doctor to get the prescription, and in my opinion that doctor needs to be looked at, that isn’t a narcotic that you hand to someone that’s in mild pain, if they are in that much pain that they need to be on that type of drug, they need to be monitored in a hospital, not handed that drug to take home, it’s crazy, oxycontin came out to help ppl that were dealing with cronic diseases, not back, neck or leg pain, if these doctors wouldn’t have go so prescription happy then alot of these pills could have been kept off the streets. I am sorry about your family member also Kimmy, but addiction is a disease, no one wakes up one day and decides they are gonna roll the dice and go out looking for pain meds to take, that doesn’t happen, most ppl start this addiction b/c of surgeries, or doctors visit’s, when you go to a doctor and they hand you medication to take, you think it’s safe b/c A DOCTOR gave it to you, then they continue to give you these types of drugs for a long period of time, and your body and mind becomes dependant on the chemicals, then your stuck in a vicious cycle. These drugs weren’t made for long term use, we are living in a society where there is a “cure” for anything if you just take a pill, your unhappy,. take a pill, you have alittle back pain, hey here’s a pill, your husband can’t get it up, well here’s some pills, where do these pills come from? A doctor, big pharma companies who are getting rich quick off ruining ppl’s lives and death and destruction. So now where does the RESPONSIBILITY lie? The addict isn’t the only one that has to take responsibility, go back to the orginal source and you’ll find where it all starts: DOCTORS, BIG PHARMA COMPANIES

  7. Its a complex problem with no single solution. What’s even more disgusting is that big pharm continues to make these highly addictive meds and profit off of so many people’s addiction-whether they bought the pills illegally or became addicted to them through a legitmate injury. In either case, we are allowing them to line their profit margins and pockets with lives of so many people.

    Yes, many addicts become addicted by taking these prescriptions in a manner outside of how they were prescribed. True, addicts have to take responsibility for their actions and want help before they can be helped.

    But let me tell you, I am not addicted to prescription pills and neither are my children or parents. Yet, every day we are affected by our loved ones’ addictions. Not only are we affected, we are held hostage by their bad decisions. My children do not have their father in their lives, because he chose prescription drugs over them. Before we broke up, he was spending every penny he had on drugs instead of his children. When that wasn’t enough, he stole money out of my bank account and money out of my purse to feed his addiction; not to feed his children.

    My mother had to quit her job to stay home and take care of my NEWBORN and 6 year old nephew and her son’s girlfriend’s daughter. Her grandson was BORN AN ADDICT because his mother did not care enough about him to seek help. Instead, she willingly chose to put a straw up her nose and snort prescription pills while she was pregnant.

    I still love my brother, and my children still love their father, but we have to remove these people from our lives in order to be healthy, functional people. So now my family is torn completely apart in so many ways, yet big pharm still makes the profit. The drugs are still on the streets because the doctors keep churning out the prescriptions. I guess this is the new American Way.

  8. I cannot believe that someone would ask” WHY would the police look in josh’s pockets”,” why would the police look at josh’s cell phone? ”
    The answer seems very clear to me…They should have looked into all of these things right away, considering that there was a dead young man. Its pretty obvious that its a suspisious death. When my son overdosed, his heart stopped..3 times, he was found on a floor the next day. The police never found his 15 pills either. I did,they were right in his pocket in a bag on the floor of the hospital with his clothes in it. I guess we could ask the question “why would they” well I can give you so many reasons why they should. How about a life, that has been lost, how about the next life? Young men and women do not deserve to die for thier mistakes.
    My question would be , “why wouldnt they look?” Come on “young dead people” are a pretty good reason why.
    That type of attitude makes it so easy to ignore and forget . That type of attitude will not bring change.
    Amy, you know why, so stay focused and remember..you are NOT alone.

  9. Justice does not prevail once again. I am so sorry for your loss and what you and your family continues to go through. My family does not know yours, and we never had the honor to know Josh, but I will tell you our family mourns with yours. I am angry with the outcome as so many others. You are not alone.

  10. This is ridiculous and makes me furious!! I can’t believe they are just going to close this case and let the people responsible go on giving these drugs to more young people with their whole lives in front of them. I hope they all know that by their inaction they are going to cause more harm and death to occur by these dealers hands. It is ludicrous that this is allowed to happen. Amy I love you all and am so sorry to see that justice is not being done for Josh who we all loved so much. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  11. I agree with Kimmy entirely. Not a popular opinion, but the responsibility of the individual is being overshadowed here. The dealer who supplied the drug is a criminal, no doubt. However, dealers would not exist if they did not have a market to supply, composed of individuals who make the choice to purchase the drugs from them. Getting rid of dealers here and there will not solve the problem. Every individual needs to know what the consequences of their actions are, and accept responsibility for it – in this case it would mean staying away from those drugs entirely… If I decided to drive drunk and I killed myself in an automobile accident, would the NSLC clerk who sold me the bottle be at fault? I understand that alcohol is legal, and these drugs were being used illegally, but the logic is the same. It is the individual who makes their own free choice.

    1. If you went to a bar and was served until intoxicated and left in your car and killed someone the bar would be held negligent . I am not excusing my brothers actions but you certainly are excusing the drug dealers .. You honestly think because people choose to try a drug they deserve to die and the dealer deserves to keep dealing?? Give me a Break … all I want is a freakin trafficking charge !! HE SOLD AN ILLEGAL DRUG AND MADE MONEY OFF MY BROTHERS LIFE

      1. amy we all lost someone in this mess, but arguing about who did this is not clearing things up… posting to read someones comment and adding lmao after it dosnt provide anything, we know your hurt but ppl make there own decisions if i were to drink and get in a car accident id be labeled as an idiot, mixing pills and alcohol is the same thing Dangerous! russian roulette almost…ive done both and stopped both i realize ive slipped thru deaths fingers more than once some ppl just dont get the chance.

  12. I can tell you from experience, do anything you can to get between your child and the person getting them drugs. I have had the unfortunate experience regarding this subject and I have heard all of the lines.
    “If they don’t get it here they will get somewhere else..ect…”
    I have gotten in the way of certian connections with my son..and it didnt make me popular, let people say what they will, it doesnt matter..get in the way.
    I cut off a connection and it was tough..months later my sons friend who didnt get cut off from this connection, died.
    Here is the problem, alot of the victims are youth, they are learning, experimenting..and It is so easy for these young men and women to lose thier life. These pills are powerful, much more powerful then most of these kids taking them even relize..so yes on one hand you can say “live and learn” but what about the ones who do not live?
    There is a responsibility on the people who are introducing these powerful pills to our streets,to our youth,…all for a few bucks.
    Getting rid of dealers here and there does help solve the problem…tested and proven. It may not end the problem, but when you choose to do nothing. the problem grows and grows.
    I believe entirley with everything that I have learned “and I have been through hell and back with this subject.” That you start with one and keep going…GET IN THE WAY. You may fail, but you just may suceed.
    And when it comes to you someone who you love, do not give up because people tell you to.
    Do not listen to people who tell you this can not be done.
    Of course the individual has a chioce to make, but this is serious , this is a deadly drug and we as society should not be so relaxed about individuals making it readily available to our youth.
    I know that I can not change the world..but if I can change one life, save one life.. I will gladly work for that.

  13. First let me emphasize that this comment goes by the logic that arbitrarily prohibiting the casual use of drugs (accept for alcohol, coffee, and tobacco) is irrational, and that protecting people from *potentially* harming themselves has no sensible basis in what many claim is a free society. So, arbitrary drug laws aside,

    I Heard you and Larry G. bring up the notion of personal responsibility the other day…

    Let me ask, if you had a 21 year old brother who had poisoned himself by drinking too much alcohol, would you claim that “the liquor store needs to be held personally responsible too” ? … For what? Not forseeing that your brother would use the alcohol senselessly and carelessly and taking the preventative measure to protect him from a bad choice he might POSSIBLY make?

    The childishness and vindictiveness of such an attitude is troubling.

    This ‘personal responsibility’ idea is pretty simple, and in principle, personal responsibility is what our “free” society was originally based upon. Those who take drugs recreationally have the duty to make themselves aware of the drug, its effects, the risks, and take the proper precautions as to minimize the risks and potential adverse events. No one will argue that one who dies of an overdose has suffered a grave consequence, and experienced “accountability” of the most ultimate form… But the user assumed accountability for that risk when he ingested a combination of alcohol excessive quantity of a drug which he knew nothing about..

    As for those who supply the drugs; if a dealer were to sell a substance such as arcenic or anthrax, which HAS NO safe or responsible recreational use (yes, even recreational use can be safe), which inevitably harmed all those who took it, then of course the dealer should be held personally responsible for the death of the customer.. (again, “drug laws” aside)

    But going on to imply that those who sell or provide substances with a history of safe use (as well as an unsafe use) are morally responsible for the incompetence of a consumer, is a significant leap of logic, and disregards the right of someone to sell a commodity (one which I might mention is safe and non toxic when used responsibly

    1. Let me make one thing clear !!!!! My son was a healthy and strong boy… Full of life….I have the tox. report… He did not die because he consumed to much alcohol or diladud, he died of the combination… His body was one who could not take the combination. I can have someone at my home and feed them to much liquor and be charged !!!! But if I give them liquor and prescription pills It`s O.K. !!!!!! My son needed to be more educated, as well as many others… With little investigation I still wonder if it was really his choice or a joke gone bad….. d meyer… Do you have children…..If so, Would you want to know what happened…… Would you fight for your child…..I will fight for mine… And for the next generation….To me your post and thoughts are so sad…My heart actually goes out to you……

  14. I grew up with addict parents. To this day my dad has not recovered. If my father was to overdose, I would blame HIM 100% BECAUSE HE IS AN ADDICT! JOSH WAS NOT! This was josh’s first time if my knowledge is correct, HOW do all these people with there ignorant opinions know that this dealer didn’t slip a pill into josh’s drink? How do you know josh wasn’t per pressured to take these illegal drugs? People just assume! So to test all these hypotheses that everyone has A INVESTIGATION should take place! Everyone “thinks” they know what happened, why not CHALLENGE the police to do there JOB and find out the truth! IF The drugs were not on the streets to begins with, none of this would have happened! How many lives have to be taken before someone takes charge? I am GREATFUL that amy has stepped up to make a change. And as for the police.. WTF!! I am completely disgusted that there was no investigation! WTF? WHY the hell not? What are you even here for if not to assist a family in getting the closure that THEY DESERVE! What is this world coming to..hey, I have an idea, let’s just allow these CHILDREN to sell illegal drugs, even if we know there name, address, let’s not approach them, let’s just let them take more innocent lives away, so they can go buy a beer with there profit, maybe a couple more pills? ITS CALLED SARCASIM .. Please excuse my language, DO A FUCKING INVESTIGATION!

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