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Prescription Monitoring Program Not So Innocent

Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?? The Medical Consultant for the Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program is also the Network Director of the Community Pain Network , a website and program funded by PURDUE PHARMA !!!!! Purdue is the maker of drugs such as Oxy Contin and Dillaudid. Is this not a great conflict of interest?? This actually enrages me that this could even be allowed to happen. This company that strictly makes powerful pain pills has their hand in everyone’s pocket !! EVEN THE PRESCRIPTION MONITORING PROGRAM! I wonder where these “pain doctors” are getting their training from?? The pill pushing pharmaceutical companies who are only interested in making sales.


Nova Scotia Chronic Pain Care Collaborative Network Conference (NSCPCCN):
Our Medical Consultant, Dr. Peter MacDougall, is the Executive Director of the NSCPCCN. The NSCPCCN compliments the mandate of the NSPMP by providing access to support and education for physicians through a mentor-mentee network model of pain specialist experts in the community. This Program not only expedites early and effective access to expert pain care through a mentor, but it also educates community physicians and nurses in pain management. Also, some of the specialists working with the NSCPCCN are addiction specialists who can provide valuable knowledge in opioid management. The NSCPCCN continues to implement networks in various communities throughout the province. The NSPMP presented to physicians in Amherst and Sydney to educate them on the services and the value of the NSPMP. The Program was also asked to present at the NSCPCCN Annual Conference held in Halifax in March 2011.

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